What Is The New Age Christian View

What is the new age emphasis for searchers? The new age religious focus of our site on Christianity is on an area that is terribly overlooked in Christian ministry, which is our growth in character after the salvation choice is made. Almost every other ministry it seems focuses heavily on the entry point of salvation, then after that on biblical instruction. The area of character growth and personal recognition regarding each different individual after salvation is almost nonexistent. What little after salvation effort is made centers on the approach of taking readings from the Bible and applying them to our lives in the world in which we live today. Those are general and universal applications.  There is rarely any individualized, specific guidance for each person based on the world in which they live. All of our personal difficulties are different, and advice on morality rarely fits our problems.

What Is The New Age Difference? We Must Meet Nurturing And Emotional Needs First

We all are very different individuals with background experiences and emotional needs as far away from each other as anything can be. Our emotional needs and the experiences we need to share will not dissolve into thin air with bible instruction such as ‘You are sin and a mistake, confess your sin and put yourself last and let God fill you with His Holy Spirit.’ That is religion. What I see is that almost all of us who are searching spiritually need nurturing and someone to share our burdens with first, not religion.  Nurturing and emotional understanding must come first, then finding a suitable religious fit will then later be possible. Selfish nurturing needs must be met first and foremost. The problem for most of us is we already know we are a mistake and a failure, and we feel broken and not needed. Religious instruction only reinforces that damaging lie about us.  Our focus is to emphasize the importance of each person, and that they are needed, wanted, and are indeed included in the Humankind family. Each person belongs.

Talking about God may not be worship of God, learning about the Bible may not be worship of God. Being our best highest character selves is always glorifying and worship of God.

What Is The New Age Emphasis We Matter And Our Feelings Matter First

Another matter of concern to us is the approach of separation in biblical studies from matters of everyday living.  The emphasis is on serving God by talking about God and Christianity. No recognition is ever made of our individuality and our presence of us, or our uniqueness as a person.  Everything is always about God, His religion, and His will, and never anything about the believer, the citizen in Humankind, their differentness and how they matter in God’s plan. Moreover, it is always about God, Christianity, and Religion, and never any recognition of the importance of us the person, our differentness, our finding out who we are, what our gift to Humankind is, or even our role and place in it.

We Are Not Just Shadows, We Matter And Deserve Recognition Also

Christianity paints the picture that we are all the same and the same size shoes fit everyone.  Christianity’s answers must fit our questions and if they do not, then we are in the wrong for asking the wrong questions. It is always about God and never anything about the wonder, magic, and differentness of his highest creation itself, which is us!

Our emphasis here is on giving comfort and understanding to the one searching, the believer, the One Who Is Looking.  We each are God’s handiwork and each of us is a unique masterpiece.  Moreover, each masterpiece should be appreciated, and we each need to be set on the pedestal of our lives so that our gift can best be shared with the rest of Humankind. Talking about God and reading the bible sheds no light or emphasis on the one talking or reading about Him.

What Is The New Age? God In Us Like The Bible Says Look Within

Mainstream Christianity seeks to connect God to man from the top down.  That approach never worked for me and is a dismal failure for many others who have given up on religion, because of Christianity. We seek to reconcile God to man, but our emphasis is from the bottom up, by meeting the emotional and the personhood needs of each individual and show each person that God presence already within them, in the form of their gifted Self to Humankind.  What is the new age approach? Look Within, Then Look Forward, both places are where God already is. At both places at once is where you will also find your higher order self. Then you will begin feeling deeply proud of what you are, a needed part of Humankind, and who you are, a most beautiful unique person! Okay, we have a lot of work to do and volumes of things to explain so all can understand. So Let us begin!

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Just for the record, this is an emotional and spiritual encouragement ministry. We are selling nothing here and are not at the present time even set up to take donations, and probably never will. Your healed life are our reward enough, and we are very pleased with that. If you want to, please share your strength with others in your future so our nurturing can live on.