Center For The New Age Shifting From Society To The Individual

The original center of spiritual realization was once seen as the church and religion in a society, now we are realizing spiritual realization is found within ourselves, the unique individual. The center for the new age spiritually is shifting from what was once a society approved religion requiring your conformity to be correct, and that you be accepted by their religious community. It is now becoming something seen as more personal and individual, as humankind advances spiritually. As Humankind advances, so too does its view of religion and its role in society and its role in our personal lives.

Center For The New Age Was Seeking God In Religion, Now Is Seeking God Found Within

Religion in general originally was seen as only one right version to be approved of by God, and those who disagreed with it or had trouble making it fit into their world view as a unique individual were outcast and seen as inferior morally and in character. The center of the old age of religion, any religion was the religious organization itself and the cultural requirements for participation in it. Believing the religion and performing its standard of conformity meant you were closer to God. Not fitting into the religion meant you were farther from God, and you were wrong.

Center For The New Age Seeing Our Uniqueness As Godly

The center for the new age from a religious standpoint is a change from societal conformity to a religious template to focusing on being the unique individual you personally are. That is a big shift. The center of old age was society, and being what other’s view of you was, suppressing your gifts to do so in many cases. The center for the new age focuses on individuality, the unique, beautiful, gifted person you are and sharing your gifts with Humankind, with Humankind being better off for you being your gifted self in doing so. The era of governmental authoritarian religion is passing away, the new era of emphasis on self-expansion begins with seeking who we are as a unique gift to Humankind.

Center For The New Age Recognizing That Truth Can Be Found Within

Before, seeking a relationship with God was seen as only possible thru society’s version of spirituality, which is that culture’s religion, of which there are as many religions as there are cultures. The shift is now towards seeking God, and the relationship we want with God, centering on finding our uniqueness and our gifts and talents within, to share with Humankind. It is not necessarily any longer in joining any culture’s religion, learning it, and conforming ourselves to its teachings, forsaking our inner desires and talents in the process. One can do those things and feel drawn to be in a religion, but the important difference is you should do it because it completes your uniqueness to do it, not because the religion teaches you to do it. One reason is external and bad, and the other is internal and good.

Center For The New Age Truth Must Be Personal, Not Universal Necessarily

Spiritual understanding is shifting from what was once a culturally approved institution of a religion forced upon everyone to find morality and God and shifting to looking within our uniqueness and finding God within ourselves. Before God was only seen as found in a religion as an arm of the government with absolute authority which could burn witches and heretics at the stake in a painful slow death. Now we are awakening and realizing that God is not found in government, church or in society in general. God is only found in the hearts of each person, and in their gifts, talents, and passions with which they were born, unique from every other person on earth.

Center For The New Age Self Expansion Adds To Society

Humankind is maturing as a species. Earlier civilization was structured on forced conformity through fear of punishment, and earlier government structures were heavy in authority as the only means seen as necessary for structure. This mechanism of logic was grandfathered over to teaching spirituality as well. The early history of all religions will prove this out. What we are realizing spiritually is that any religion, even Christianity, does not know what gifts, talents, and passions among other potentiality you are to manifest into Humankind are within you as an individual. Religion cannot teach you what is within you, that you are to gift outward into Humankind in your life path. Only you know that.

Center For The New Age Everyone Is A Gift To Someone Or An Answer To Something

The concept of, ‘There is no immorality in individuality,’ is true. The old view was, ‘There is only one right way and that is God’s way.’ That sounds good on paper and preached from the pulpit but does not stand up to the applications of real life. A more relevant observation is, ‘There are almost as many right ways to do and see something and there are individuals doing and seeing it.’ When we open ourselves up to the possibility that we can be ourselves, unique, talented, with an inherent perspective on something then we feel we are a valuable gift to humankind from God.

When we do this, that opens a big door into ourselves that unleashes our enthusiasm for seven things which will lead us home to manifest who we are and our life we are to live. Those seven things that will fully integrate us into the life we are to live are: Seeing things through our own eyes, feeling our own feelings, thinking our own thoughts, making our own choices. Beyond that into the spiritual realm are Imagining/dreaming our own dreams, building on those dreams, and lastly celebrating by sharing our contributions joyfully with all of Humankind.

All fully integrated persons naturally do this by instinct, within and without of religion, especially Christianity. I know some of the most completely authentic people in my life I have been honored to have known, have never been in a church of any kind in their lives. And they are the ones with whom I want to spend eternity.

Talking about God may not be worship of God, learning about the Bible may not be worship of God. Being our best highest character selves is always glorifying and worship of God.

The Greatest Gift One Can Give Another Is To see Things Through Their Eyes And Walk In Their World With Them. We Wish To Carry Your Burdens With You. Please Share Your Heart With Us.

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