Finding Your God Given Purpose

Before we look at finding our God given purpose let us put on our childlike eyes for which to look for it. This will make our search more successful if we return to our childhood wonderment world, where from which we became disappointed and lost our way. God reassures us we are a promise, and with faith we shall find it! This child's video explains it!

Finding your God given purpose starts with the exciting journey to find yourself first. This is the Self God thought up first before he even thought about Earth. You were in His mind before He thought about the Earth and how to create it. When He thought about you, He also made up your total package of your purpose, loved ones, life plan and a whole bunch of other things. The concept of you as an individual person and all that you are, is far older than Earth itself.

Finding Your God Given Purpose: Where You May Be Now 

For some of us, finding ourselves is very difficult. For many others this is a natural action of knowing who and what we are, and what we want to do in life, and it just happens, and those people just bloom like flowers. Then there are us, who for some reason have difficulty getting anything together, getting ourselves together and finding our natural role in life. Perhaps we were together for a while, and then things happened, and events changed everything and after that, we were left lost. We ended up confused, without a location and a direction. We are going to help clear up some of that right here and see if we can help give you some insight about yourself, and some clues about where you may need to go. This natural sense of self is necessary for our complete development in our life.

Talking about God may not be worship of God, learning about the Bible may not be worship of God. Being our best highest character selves is always glorifying and worship of God.

Finding Your God Given Purpose: Why It Is Harder For Some

First let us share some insight about what we have found about ourselves and others in your position. The biggest thing we have seen is that those who are feeling lost and without a sense of who they are as a person, needing to find their rightful role to play in Humankind are not shallow persons. They are most likely very sensitive and spiritual people who may have difficulty putting what they see or feel into words adequate to share with others. Most of us believe that lost, confused and those with deep questions are not intelligent or emotionally oriented people. The truth is shallow people with low character do not ever feel lost or bothered by such things as injustices or feeling empty. They do not see life that deeply. They do not have strong emotional perceptions or see inequity in life, nor do they need to pursue such spiritual direction. Moreover, living in the present, seeking gratification at others’ expense and partying is fine with them. They can be more reptile than human. Lizards do not get overwhelmed with emotional problems because nothing confuses them, moreover they do not care anything about higher meaning in life.

In Finding Your God Given Purpose, You Must See You Are Different

So, what does that tell us about you and the kind of person you are?  You are emotionally sensitive and spiritual, more in tune with others’ dignity and serving your higher purpose in life than with lesser things such as immediate wealth, social status, partying and being trendy and in vogue. This also tells us something relevant to you about the barren setting in which you are living in to not get emotional and spiritual support. For deep spiritual persons pursuing a higher emotional level of life, there is normally almost no support structure either in community or in your personal world. People like us are rare and hard to find generally. For the most gifted of us, it is like living in a dry desert setting all our lives, where everything has thorns.

Here are the two big disadvantages of being spiritually gifted: The first is we have deeper emotional feelings in how we see life, not present in others normally.  The second is there are very few others in our world with whom we can talk about the magnitude of our feelings and perceptions on things. On top of those two disadvantages is younger gifted people have limited vocabulary, and a separate limited ability to put into words what they have felt in their hearts, sometimes all their lives. The older of us gain strong ability to accurately describe in detail deep thoughts and feelings so others can understand our depth. All of this makes it harder for us to find our higher order self, see what we are, and define our god given purpose if we have no others to share with and get mirrored back to us. We feel like the only human raised on an island full of sea iguanas as family. Who do we get to talk to and with which to share our heart’s concerns and wishes? There is nobody with which we can relate!

Finding Your God Given Purpose: Do Not See Your Difficulties As Your Inferiority

Now let’s look at another difference between us and those who have no issue with who they are or care to find their god given purpose. For those of lesser character their outlook on life comes as more of a statement from their mind, such as, ‘I like people and love to have a good time in festivity and good times are all I live for.’ There is nothing to cause much emotional need in such a simple statement.

However, for deeply spiritual people, who sense life is more than in the present, and have yearnings in their heart for what is over life’s horizon, their outlook is from their heart and always in the form of a question. The more spiritual and purer the person’s heart, the deeper and stronger the question and the deeper the need and emptiness without an answer in their life. Mental and cerebral people live in the statement outlook all their lives, with not much room for emotional conflict. Emotionally deep and heart-controlled people live in the outlook of one big yearning question, and their heart will not have peace until they find their heart’s answer. Put simply, simple people are easy to build a sense of contentment and life around. Deep emotional and spiritually capable people with much good to contribute to Humankind and a burden to do so are harder to build their life because it will bring much good to others. this also brings much interference from Satan.

Finding Your God Given Purpose: Greater Achievements Take Longer To Build than Lesser Ones

This is much like building a small wooden airplane with two seats or building a giant jet airliner to carry four hundred people halfway around the world. That is the comparison, which one will take the most work and which one will serve humankind the most benefit, once it is built.
The reason you are seeking to find your god given purpose, and the fact you have personal questions about life, spirituality and other matters should tell you volumes about who you are. This also tells us much about the scale of good you will give humankind once you get your answers, and then you will be complete as a gift to humankind, a very precious and beautiful gift. In the pages here we will help you form your own question into your exact words, and then you will find your enthusiasm in joyously answering your own lifelong question, feeling like a complete fully actualized person! Then it will be you being a gift to others and helping guide them to their own completeness. You need your answers and Humankind needs you.

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