What Is The New Age On The Proper Place And Role Of Religion

What is the new age is about Humankind beginning to change views on many spiritual things. There is a growing awakening across all cultures on the issues of spiritual perspective and where the real sources of our virtue are truly found. It was long held since the dark and medieval ages in Northern Europe that the source of all virtue was from religion and the church, and the families were subservient to the church and the government, serving them both and obeying their commands. Look at the submission demanded by the church and the government three hundred years ago when the church was torturing witches to death in Winston Salem Massachusetts as was done many times before throughout Christian church history. Then the family and the individuals were nothing and government, which was also the same as the church, was everything in authority.

What Is The New Age Finding Virtue Only Through Religion

Religion was once believed to be the only source of our relationship to God and all things spiritual. For some that may be a relevant perspective to how they naturally see things, and for them that is a true and healthy view for them to have. It is not true because it is the only correct perspective, it is true because it is how they truly see things through their own eyes. And that is what we will talk about here, shifting perspective from what was believed to be universal truth for all of us to see the same way, switching to truth and values based upon our unique ways of seeing things through our own eyes.

What Is The New Age Humankind’s True Identity

There has been an awakening in the last fifty years among many that this original view is incomplete. Humankind’s identity, and Humankind's search for its own spirituality may not be uniquely contained in religion. Our relationship to God and spirituality may not be just through the door of Christianity and even religion in general. Religion in general, and Christianity specifically is founded on the principle that God is a person, judgmental, and outside of us and we must change ourselves as created because we are a mistake, to reach him and serve him. That means we need religion to do that, and we must make ourselves just like everyone else in that religion to please God. That means getting church management’s approval to be right with God.

What Is The New Age Selfishness Explained

What we are becoming aware of is that God may not just be a judgmental person, but also a principle and a value system based not on judgmentalism and conformity but may be a principle of character and individuality. In other words, God may already be within each of us as our uniqueness, our differentness, and our talents with which we were born. To reach God then, we might not have to deny ourselves and kill our passions, talents and interests we want to pursue, because we must denounce them as sin. We might in fact have to be more selfish and embellish our original wonderment view of life, ourselves and pursue our interests.
Religion encourages us to see ourselves as shameful for being how we were created and deny our identity to make a judgmental God happy. That sounds good on paper, but the obvious purpose of promoting that is to create your need for religion and hide the truth. We say be more selfish and focus on the beauty that is already within you, for it is there that you will find God. Moreover, being your unique authentic original self is God’s will for you and being your original self is finding and serving God. And you do not need religion and Christianity to do that. You just need yourself. In other words, your uniqueness is your beauty, and your godliness.

What Is The New Age God Is Found In Character, Not Just In Any Religion

So, if the teachings of Christianity to deny and hate yourself because you are sin are incorrect, then in what values can we have as our foundation? That answer I suggest is in what I have observed in seventy years of interaction with Humankind on all levels. The principles are of character, honor, integrity, servitude and lastly pride. These are all things that Christianity is dead set against. They first attack those principles with the blanket assertion that your good works will not get you into heaven. That may be true if your objective is to get into heaven with them. My objective is to serve Humankind, not join a group of righteous, elitist, judgmental no-character Christians who would kill their own kid if God told them to. What I have observed clearly over six decades is those who have impressed me the most with their class and character are persons of whom most have never been in a church in their lives. Those who have impressed me in religion and in Christianity have done so by their character and class alone, not their religious teachings. Conversely those who have been self claimed the greatest Christians have demonstrated the least character, class, integrity, honor, and servitude.

What Is The New Age Finding Virtue Through Self

As I looked further at values we can have as our foundation I saw support of selfishness in Humankind’s glorious history of development. Every bit of human advancement has come not from us denying ourselves in shame, but from those who worship themselves by pursuing their passions to build and achieve and doing so very proudly. Creating fire, building ships, the automobile, building machines to fly, using steam, the elevator, extracting oil, exploring space, conquering medical frontiers, the computer, and the list goes on forever. None of this was achieved by seeing ourselves as shameful or not doing what our passions are, denying ourselves and putting God first.

What Is The New Age Is The Contribution Of The Common Man

On the individual level, all the freedoms we have in our country have all been created by the sinful sacrifices of soldiers, machinists, waitresses in diners, mothers, industrial workers, and all aspects that make up humankind’s economic infrastructure, all of it. All this grand picture happened by selfish people acting on their passions and gifts, and then being proud of what they had to offer Humankind as a gift! Character can be observed, embraced, and taught within and outside of religion by anyone, period! No academic or religious certification is ever needed.
The principles of character, honor, integrity, servitude and lastly pride are higher standards than any religious and even Christian teachings of righteousness, godliness and judgementalism which are taught in scripture. It is better for all of us to do all the good works we can as gifts to Humankind, and lastly, we are to take pride in ourselves in doing it and offering it to others who cannot do it for themselves. We can walk for those who cannot, we can care for those whose mental abilities are lacking, we can love and take into our care and love the ones God sees as sinful and flawed. I know I am proud to do so, and I am guessing you are too. There are two camps of people: righteous Christians who judge and teach hatred of sinners, and there are sinners who have built Humankind and especially this greatest county on earth, America.

Which camp do you want to be in? Those who are claiming to go to Heaven, or those who can hold their heads high proudly and say, ‘We did the best we could to help those who could not help themselves and we are not apologizing to any claimed Christian for our pride in what we have done.’ Which ones do you think will benefit Eternity the most?

Talking about God may not be worship of God, learning about the Bible may not be worship of God. Being our best highest character selves is always glorifying and worship of God.

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