New Age Spirituality Beliefs Emphasize Character

If you are distressed by what is happening in our culture here in America today, there is an answer in New Age Christianity. The good news is there is an answer, but it will not come overnight. It is a slow long-term answer. Never less the answer is a solid one that will fix things. 

The degrading situations we are experiencing are discouraging. They may be within your church organization, the outside business, and professional community. There has been a marked decline in character in America, and perhaps elsewhere in Humankind in the last decade. It is perhaps more emphasized in America due to our prosperity and the inability of most of us to appreciate it, resulting in our taking our vast blessings for granted.

New Age Spirituality Beliefs Explain What You Are Seeing Is Real

This subtle background influence has percolated up into all our daily life causing impolite, uncommitted, and even dangerous behavior everywhere. Employers are experiencing difficulties hiring loyal workers, traffic incidents are rising, and daily interaction with each other is getting more impersonal and ruder everywhere. This powerful spiritual urge is permeating into every area: companies, government offices, schools, and yes even church organizations are being influenced deeply by this negativity.

New Age Spirituality Beliefs Explain This

Let us look at the approach Satan, which is the environment, uses to cause this negative attack. His approach is to cut each person off from support we all need, which is recognition of our character for doing the right thing. You need recognition for being honorable and doing what is best for everyone. There is an answer that we all can initiate to reverse this trend and meet this need. Satan, you perceive him as the environment, first attacked not the country, but the family. If he can break down the family with eroding morals, divorce, and attack from the courts, then he can erode society. That he has done magnificently.

New Age Spirituality Beliefs Show Society Chose The Wrong King, Government

The immoral are not bothered by this because they do not care. It is only those who care and have higher spiritual standards that are bothered because we do care. What has society done that you have noticed in response to this escalating situation? They have turned to the government which is a bad choice. Biblically they did the same thing: God wanted to be the ruler of His people and they said they wanted a king to rule them instead. We copied that and chose to not recognize high morals or God’s values. We chose not to imitate character in our homes with our family, we chose instead the government as our king. We asked the government to enact laws banning guns and further restrict legal activity, regulating business and a whole bunch of other government control stuff to fix things. That is much like doing brain surgery with a hammer.

New Age Spirituality Beliefs Explain The Family Attacked By Servant Institutions

We of higher spiritual level all know that guns have nothing whatsoever to do with the crime and gun violence activity in our country. Proof of that is Washington D.C., which has the strictest gun laws in the world, and the highest violent crime rate. In any news report on any crime involving guns, the weapon had nothing to do with it whatsoever. Also related are unethical teachers with an agenda dictating the curriculum in our schools, and unethical church organizations dictating poisonous religious curriculum taught to our families in church. In religion, their agenda is to promote the church, the messenger, not the message. The church organizations are seeking to take power away from the sovereignty of the family, as are schools and government. The cause of all of this is the growing lack of character in every individual, who is in turn participating in the fabric of society, because they had no parenting and family. The family was dethroned thirty years ago. The divorce rate in families in churches are comparable to the divorce rate in non-church families. Google it deeply for proof. 

New Age Spirituality Beliefs Endorse Family Restoration

The answer is not stronger government, more police in schools, more legal restrictions intruding into the family, or even bullet resistant vests for children in school with double locked doors. The answer also is not government legislating restrictions in the markets killing our economic system that employs people and grows our industry and national economy. 

The cause of all this is the death of the sovereign family and household, teaching character, virtue, and integrity in our country.

The answer is the restoration of the sovereign family and household, teaching character, virtue, and integrity in our country.

Did you know that great cruise ship the Titanic did not sink because of the large iceberg that it hit in icy waters at night over a century ago? It sank because of the inferior rivets and high sulfur steel that were used in its construction so the builders could save money.  How does this apply to us as a Christian?  The strength of any culture is a direct function of family and marriage status that culture gives within it. Low family status within a culture, means low culture integrity and high moral, relationship and business failure.

New Age Spirituality Beliefs Show The Road Ahead

There are no good short-term intervention answers, all will just cover symptoms only. These short-term answers will only escalate the condition further overall, by numbing us to the cause. However, there is a long-term answer that will fix things permanently. It was the attack killing the moral integrity proclaimed in the sovereign family in America that caused all of this, and it will be the restoration of the sovereign family again proclaiming the moral integrity that will heal our culture.

New Age Christianity is different than mainstream Christianity because we see God as not out there somewhere, but within us as restored persons in Christ. We do not need to seek our answer to all this degradation in society from our pastor, government officials and politicians, teachers and college professors or our leading scientists, researchers, and sociologists.

New Age Spirituality Beliefs Show That Your Gift Is The Needed Answer

When God made you, He did not just make you in His image, He made you in a unique, authentic, original version of His image, different from every other person that has ever lived.  You have a unique view on all of this, a contribution to offer Humankind to help correct some of this societal moral need inside of you already, born with it. The dream, talent, passion, or gift within you to develop and share will contribute to Humankind to heal Humankind. Do not look out there in the community, look deep within yourself to find, refine, and share what is within you to the world. The world does not need us to look at the world to find ways to fix it. The world needs more of us turning inward being more self-centered, self-focused and self-empowered in Christ giving our gifts back into the world to fix it. The answer to fix the world is what is waiting in your heart to come out into the world. The world does not need outside answers, it needs you and your participation in it. You are part of the answer to all this moral need for character.

New Age Spirituality Beliefs Emphasize Everyone Matters And Is Needed In God’s Family

You may say,” All I want to do is to be a good citizen and a parent, raise my kids, practice piano and teach others to do the same.” That is all that is needed is for you to be the best you that you can be. Put together with everyone else being their best selves, that will heal humankind over time. When you practice character, honor, integrity, and take pride in all you do, no matter what it is, that will heal Humankind. Others will see how you conduct yourself with class, pride, honor in everything in your life, and they will copy it. Humanity needs us to be our enthusiastic selves enjoying our talents God gave within each of us to enjoy, and that alone will fix everything. Us being ourselves is worshiping God, not just hearing about God and the bible on Sunday morning in church. The cumulative gifts and talents we have in our hearts before we were born is the answer to all the world’s problems. And God is the One Who Put Them There. It says paraphrased in the Bible, “Before we even pray, He has answered.”  This is one of the ways He has. Regarding restoration of the family structure back into society; Restored pride in our acting in character, honor and sense of duty to ourselves and our fellow man will trickle upwards into all society as families, communities, governments and laws supporting freedom, not suppression of crime.   

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What Is The Common Man God Immersing Himself In His Creation The One Who Chooses To Serve For Those Who Cannot, And Shares His Achievements With Them

Talking about God may not be worship of God, learning about the Bible may not be worship of God. Being our best highest character selves is always glorifying and worship of God.

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