Words Of Encouragement For Life Seeing Yourself With A Life Plan Included

When you came into this world you were not an accident. You were God intended, as yet undiscovered celebrity, with a purpose. You are not a person only, you came with a plan, a life path already laid out, a set of soul lessons to learn. And best of all, you came as an answer to someone’s prayer. You are an unrealized blessing and gift to some certain others, and to some spiritual need somewhere. Just like a movie with a plot, players and you being the hero, your life contains all those necessary elements. Your setting is part of you, as is your past, your story, and the potential for a victorious future, yet to play out.

Words Of Encouragement For Life You Are God’s Gift To Someone Or Something

Your very presence is a blessing to God; you are to showcase yourself as part of God’s glory by your presence in others’ lives. You do not serve God by worshiping Him in church on Sunday, reading the Bible and judging others who are sinners, misguided Christians do that. New Age Christians serve God by being themselves, sharing themselves festively with all others. Enjoying being who you are, sharing your personality with others is the highest form of worship to God there is.

Words Of Encouragement For Life Your Discouragement Is Based On Lies

Satan wishes to disrupt that expression. There are two forces at work in spirituality. God is the energy of love, beauty and achievement whose tendency is the expression of those three. Satan is the opposite force whose tendency is to disrupt, separate, hide and destroy those tendencies. Satan’s most effective technique is to send us misleading things that hide our gifts from ourselves and discourage us that way. If an airplane does not know it has wings, it will not try to fly, so to speak. That is where the discouragement perspective sets in. We need encouragement to look for things we already are.

Words Of Encouragement For Life Your Treasure Map

Let us pretend we are pirates back in the pirate days in the Caribbean on a beach and we have a treasure map we know is accurate, that will lead us to a buried treasure chest full of gold bullion and silver from the treasury of Spain. We know this treasure chest is buried somewhere on this beach and we are looking for the landmarks, a coquina rock boulder and several tall palm trees in a unique formation that makes a “W”. When we find this spot, we can pace off and find the position to dig down three feet to find our buried treasure. We find the coquina boulder rock quickly and with a little effort, we also locate the palm tree formation. After several looks at the tall palm trees from different angles, we see the view of a “W” we need. Pacing off the number of steps the mapmaker showed on the map, we then dig.

Words Of Encouragement For Life Finding What Is Rightfully Ours

Right on schedule, at the right depth, our shovel strikes the top of a large oaken treasure chest, with arched top and metal hinges ruggedly built. With great effort, because it is very heavy, we bring it up and lay it on the beach and open it. As promised it is full to the top with treasures of every kind. This is not just any treasure. It is correctly ours; we are the rightful owners to this inheritance. Our names were on the treasure map, made for us and the creators made the attached deed and trust document, also part of the map. So, what is in this treasure chest which we just opened?

Words Of Encouragement For Life A Letter From God

The first thing we open is a gold foil sealed document from God himself, signed by Him. In this document your name is specifically listed in full and is a letter to you from Him. It reads:

“Dear Child, I created you in my image to bring my magnificence into the world. Where, when and to whom you were born was all intended. Your presence in humankind is necessary to make it all complete. Humanity is not complete without you and your joyous presence in it. Look within you and find the hobbies, interests, and everything else that you have passion. Within them lies your life path. Within this life path lies the things you will do, the people that need your presence in their lives, and most of all, you will find your happiness and deepest fulfillment.

The hardships and losses you will experience in finding them was also a part of all of it. The hardships were to teach you valuable soul lessons only a sensitive feeling person would learn from. The losses causing you much pain were not losses to the ones you lost, for you brought joy to them in your time with them, or you learned the lesson of how you should have cared for them better, if you could do it again.”

Words Of Encouragement For Life Your Future Contains Many Opportunities

“My beloved creation, everything else in this treasure chest gifted to you here is more valuable than regular gold, silver and diamonds. Every gold piece here is an opportunity, scattered into your future, laid in your path. Unlike the first part you followed to get here, the rest of your journey further is a journey traveling more in trust and faith. You have come as far as you can traveling on understanding alone. You cannot understand your way to completeness from this point on. You must trust and have more faith on your way from this point onward. Trust in your sacredness and rightful status as a needed person in Humankind. Have faith your life will unfold as I planned. You do not have to force it to happen, you let it happen. The discouragement up to now was part of the training necessary in preparation for the blessings you now will start receiving.”

Words Of Encouragement For Life Structures Require Digging For A Foundation First

“As with building a great structure, the excavation first must be done, now the hole is dug, and it is time to start pouring the deep foundation for the structure of your life. Great structures require the deepest foundations. Now go forth and bring your gift to the world. You will find you audience, for I will lead you to them. Look within your heart to find my presence."

"With my love, God”

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Talking about God may not be worship of God, learning about the Bible may not be worship of God. Being our best highest character selves is always glorifying and worship of God.

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