Finding Meaning In Your Life May Not Be Found In Christianity Or In Any Religion

Finding meaning in your life is always a deep search, emotionally and spiritually. When we step back far away from our everyday activities seeking answers distant from our day to day lives, there is something profound missing we are seeking. There are some usual sources for answers to something that deep, the one most looked to source for this answer is in religion.  There may be drawbacks even to mainstream religion as a source for our answer. The answer must fit your question and explain the meaning of life to you on your terms which fit your need for explanation.

Finding Meaning In Your Life The Most Spiritual People Rarely Find It In Religion

In religion, especially Christianity, for their answers to fit your quest for finding meaning, you must fit into their template, seeing things through their eyes and buy into all their explanations completely. In their world, uniformity and universal agreement and conformity are seen as Godly, and individual variation of you the person from them is seen as ungodly. In other words, every one of their answers must fit your questions and if they do not, then it is you which is in the wrong. Another implication from the religion of Christianity is that all their world is divided along the lines of morality. There are either moral Christians or lost sinners who are evil. Once you are saved then all your problems are over, and any problem you have is your fault because you are still sinning and must confess it away to keep updating your salvation status. Being saved means willingness to conform and let them do your seeing and thinking for you. If that is the case, then your answer for meaning is there.

Finding Meaning In Your Life Means Finding You

For most sincere thinking people, aligning your world around your morality is not adequate, because most of the highest character people are seeking answers which center on their individuality, which is much different in meaning. For those of us who live in the real world of Humankind and who go by character, honor, integrity, and all the other aspects of virtue possessed by the most sensitive adult people, we know life is far more meaningful than shallow mainstream Christian answers can provide.  In all honesty, the search for finding meaning in your life probably has little to do with morality or the lack thereof, so any religion that only addresses matters of sin and morality offer little insight into the subject of our search. The search for meaning almost always centers in the realm of individuality, your individuality, not morality. 

Finding Meaning In Your Life Is To Honor The One Searching As Well As God

There is one religious perspective that may provide the answers for which you seek. New Age Christian perspective is different because it considers the significance of the searcher, their need to see things through their own eyes and find the answers that fit their minds perfectly. Searching for meaning in your life is not like seeking a universal uniform answer like what is the diameter of the earth. The answer must fit you because you are the one asking it. In other words, your answer must be personal to you. Finding meaning in your life is a very personal question requiring a very personal answer for only you. What that tells us is that to accurately answer your question, we need to look closely into you and who and what you are. Therein is where your meaning of life answer will be found.

Finding Meaning In Your Life Oftentimes Involves Nurturing

Meaning for you will come from what kind of person you are, which is found in your personality and interests. If you are a nurturer then your meaning will be found in a role you will play as a teacher, babysitter, caretaker, big brother or father figure, comforter, or nurse in some form or another. Those who do this usually possess outgoing observant easy to talk to personalities that are natural sympathizers. They are the good Samaritans in Humankind and their roles in life fall into areas where less capable souls need their help. If their personality is less outgoing and introvert, they may find their meaning in helping others in the background, such as creating a beautiful place setting on a dinner table or making colorful food dishes for a catering service, where they feel their creation will bring great joy. Your meaning may not come from accomplishing great things, maybe only simple ones. Important things do not have to be big in scale to be important.

Finding Meaning In Your Life Part Of Your Answer Will Be In Your Past

Seeking meaning in our lives and not finding it yet, displaced from our rightful meaningful role of creation or nurturing or service to others, may be for a reason. This may be intentional by God to tell us something about the significance of that role once we find it. What did your parents do in their professions? Perhaps you separated from them to find yourself, only to discover that what best suits them may also be your calling as well. Seeking to individuate from our parental past is a natural step in growing up in our teen years to find you, and it is okay to return to that role in life if it is truly who you are. Alternatively, if you experienced at bad childhood where some strong need for love was not met, that too can be a source of guidance to correct in Humankind for others what happened to you. Finding your meaning in life is an emotional and spiritual need of your identity. By taking your feelings seriously and looking strongly within yourself, you will get a clear picture of what it will take to fill your heart’s need within you.

Finding Meaning In Your Life Means Looking At Those Moments That Were Most Personal

Look back at your deepest feelings over the most significant moments in your entire life, starting as far back as you can remember. There will be a thread of commonality in all of it, as it was for me. That will show you what you are looking for, and with that insight, it will be easier to recognize it in your daily life settings today. Once we find our true selves and what we are cut out to do, then we will see others in our lives just like us and share our gifts together with all Humankind. I call that coming home to our self, and when you do, you will not be alone, for God will be there with you!

Talking about God may not be worship of God, learning about the Bible may not be worship of God. Being our best highest character selves is always glorifying and worship of God.

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