How To Ease Emotional Pain Two Things To Look At

How to ease emotional pain generally must be looked at from a faraway general view first, then as we narrow down some specifics, we can look for answers in certain areas. First, we will look at the one searching, because that will tell us something right there if we consider characteristics about the one experiencing the emotional pain. Seeing where you are will tell us in what direction our answers lie in how to ease your or your loved one’s suffering.

Then we will look at the type of emotional pain experienced. Like people, or colors of paint, emotional pain causes are all very different. The deep suffering is all the same but discovering the cause will tell us how to ease your or your loved one’s emotional pain. 

How To Ease Emotional Pain Who Is The One Searching

If we are simply a low-level character type person, we would not be searching for an answer to any of this type of stuff. So that tells us something already about the one searching. The searcher, that is you, is more than likely a very emotional and spiritual person. Lesser character people do not experience emotional pain, nor do they care much about others, or their role in society and life in general. They are never concerned about what suffering others experience. So, you can rule out your lack of character or intelligence as a cause of the emotional distress.

Sensitive caring people feel things deeper and live life on a much higher moral level than most other people. That is why we get confused more because we feel things deeper, and we notice inequities and those injustices bother us very much. Another source of emotional pain in us is that we grow even more sensitive and caring the more we mature, and things caused by and to us earlier in life may become sources of discomfort in later years as adults.

How To Ease Emotional Pain How We See The World

We are perfectionists and detail oriented, and we need to know all the information so we can make things right. We take on causes and seek to improve the world for others, and often take on the burdens of those behind and below us who cannot do for themselves. To us, smaller and lesser in status does not diminish sacredness and importance. Moreover, we feel every other living thing’s, person’s, animal’s and plant’s feelings and emotions which are just as important as our own.

Lastly, we see ourselves as servants of the Loving Mother Universe, or some other definition of God and religion and we feel deeply a burden to grow Humankind as much as we can towards enlightenment and completeness. Simply living life in enjoyment of our prosperity is a short-sighted sin as we see it. We must serve to be fully who we are.

There is another big emotional disadvantage that high character sensitive persons have: We require much emotional support in the form of recognition for who we are as gifted spiritual persons which lesser character, lower moral persons do not. Reptile people do not need recognition for their spirituality, we do! That unmet emotional need itself can be a great cause for our emotional pain, often experienced as loneliness and emptiness, which to us, is for no apparent cause.

How To Ease Emotional Pain Quit Seeing Maturity In Others Which Is Not There

The biggest overall obstacle for me was understanding the boundaries of relationships. I assumed because I cared for others so much and I took them very seriously, that they would likewise take themselves seriously. I would go to great lengths to help them find better employment and relationships with business people I knew, assuming they would be grateful and follow up and better themselves. What surprised me was almost no one ever lifted a finger to help themselves and they all stayed in the same gutter permanently. They were all willing to take any resources I was generous enough to give them, but there was always the underlying truth, they would take it on their terms only and the world had to come to them on their terms with no exchange of effort towards betterment on their part. It was painful for me to accept I was alone in how I saw them, and our friendships had barriers in it, terminal barriers.

How To Ease Emotional Pain Let Others Have Their Worlds

The other overall obstacle for me was to let others have their worlds and how they see things. I was not helping them at all by making them see the good within themselves. I thought good people do good things for everyone and that was beneficial. What I found out was any good given that was not seen as a need by them in their world was wasted indeed. Over time you will learn to sense if you do good for someone or something, if it will be appreciated or not. That is a very high skill level five awareness you will learn. For deeply spiritual people like us, doing good to and for unappreciative others amounts to a great percentage of our emotional pain we must conquer before we mature spiritually.

How To Ease Emotional Pain Finding The Cause Or Causes

Now to look at what may be causing our emotional pain we must look at a large frontier of space, since we have just defined ourselves as caring, spiritually aware people, whose emotional pain threshold is very low. That means our world is larger than most peoples’ worlds because we generally care more about a larger area of life. Now that you see yourself as you are, and you see the vast panorama of how you see the great big world, we can look at a few large areas from where your emotional pain may be coming.
Generally, they will be; Loss of a loved one, Need of a loved one, Betrayal and abandonment, Inadequate or needing new employment, Failing health, Disappointment in how I turned out.

How To Ease Emotional Pain By Recognizing Our Perfectionist View

The last Achilles’ Heel for us sensitive deep character people is that we are detail-oriented perfectionists. What that means is on the spiritual side of things we need to know the ‘why’ of everything we do not understand. Face value simplistic explanations are not good enough. Things that are left unsaid, unresolved, and incomplete emotionally are themselves a source of emotional pain. Now that we have a better understanding of who we are, we have a good head start in addressing our emotional pain because we understand its place within our hearts.

How To Ease Emotional Pain From Abusive Relationships Involves Healing At Both The Conscious And The Subconscious Levels Easing Emotional Pain Happens When We Understand The ‘What’ And The ‘Why’

Emotional And Spiritual Healing Happen When We Use Our Imagination, Faith And Trust Emotional And Spiritual Healing Require Love And Understanding From Others

Talking about God may not be worship of God, learning about the Bible may not be worship of God. Being our best highest character selves is always glorifying and worship of God.

The Greatest Gift One Can Give Another Is To see Things Through Their Eyes And Walk In Their World With Them. We Wish To Carry Your Burdens With You. Please Share Your Heart With Us.

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