What Does New Age Mean? Humankind Is Becoming More Spiritually Aware

What does new age mean? If you have noticed a change in people’s behavior in society in recent years, and it has caused you to wonder about morality and what if anything has been happening spiritually, this writing may help. My perspective is across multiple decades not just across a couple of years, and a broader perspective is what I will share here.

We have recently seen a pronounced difference in behaviors in people. The good people have been acting with more character and integrity, and the lesser moral people have been acting more criminally, with less regard for the rights of others, with no regard for the welfare of the community in general. In other words, the good people have been acting better with more concern for Humankind, and the bad people have been acting worse, injuring more people and situations. That is what makes us, the morally inclined, notice life in moral and spiritual terms, we want to know what is going on. My opinion is spiritual influences, planetary or otherwise as Humankind transitions to a higher level of spiritual awareness for Humankind, is happening as it did in the nineteen fifties and sixties in what was spoken of as the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. The good people, sensitive to urges to embrace good are responding, and the bad people feel nothing and are acting reptilian, as is their spirit.

What Does New Age Mean Humankind Is Going Through A Spiritual Expansion Phase

There have been times in history where the same thing happened earlier. The most recent was in the sixties when the younger generation became disenfranchised with the American government, cultural and religious establishment. On one hand those younger were rebelling against the Viet Nam War, and its lack of ethics, and similar authoritarian posture of our government regarding oppression of racial mixing in society among other things, and on the other hand young people were searching for spiritual answers to replace the obvious unacceptable status quo.

What Does New Age Mean Old Ways Of Intolerance Are Being Seen

Along with rebelling against mainstream religion, American culture, and government values they began searching for spiritual answers from other cultures such as India, China and cultures based on nature. They began seeking a source of more relevant moral values. Older people raised and prospered in the earlier part of the century had no problem with the status quo and were largely shielded from seeing its moral shortcomings. Younger people seeking entry into society were burdened with having to agree with a value system they rightly saw as unfair, oppressive, and partial in many ways. They refused to integrate into American mainstream society against their conscience.

What Does New Age Mean An Individual’s Spirituality Is Being Recognized

The spiritual battle lines were drawn largely around one side demanding agreement and conformity to unfair systems because it was the established order of all things, religious, social, cultural and government. The other side saw things through their own eyes, asking their own heart’s questions and demanded the right to dispute, negotiate, improve, and adopt other valid ways of order. The polarity became so strong that there was no compromise or marriage between the two philosophies. This was in the nineteen sixties and American culture became two cultures.

What Does New Age Mean Old Orders are Being Seen For What They Are

In the spiritual arena, religions became very polarized to represent both views. Mainstream Christianity became more authoritarian and dogmatic, and even more intolerant of believers expressing their own views, requiring precise agreement to their official denomination’s views on everything. Many Christian churches in Aurora Colorado still follow this practice to this day. They are banning anyone with differing views and especially those with sex offender backgrounds, even though over thirty years have passed and living a restored life.

What Does New Age Mean The New Order Is Forming

In the early sixties the cultural revolution grew strong, whose main fronts were in government, society and in religious change. The term New Age Religion or New Age Christianity came into use to represent those who were seeking a solid moral and spiritual foundation for living their lives. There was unity among many young people in their search because they had the desire to gain understanding, but no religious foundation on which to build it. Searching in areas such as Numerology, Astrology, and Spiritualism began a foundation. Numerology and Astrology are found in the Bible in God renaming Abraham and Sarah so their names would include the ‘H’ factor to bring breath influence into their life paths. Numerology explains this in detail for those who study it. Astrology too is predominantly mentioned in the Bible because the first faraway dignitaries to find Jesus’ birth date and location were devout stargazers who have been studying the skies for years to know that.

What Does New Age Mean The New Order Of Our Full Self Is Emerging

There is one most prominent characteristic of the New Age counterculture mindset, and alternative religion advocates in one characteristic never assumed before. That characteristic is the searcher is looking through the eyes of the right to seek things through their own eyes, and not be told what to see in what they find. In other words, they are seeking truth that they see is true for them, and that can be different for another.

What Does New Age Mean Each Person Is Greater Than The Old Order Sees Us

This discovery that we have seven spiritual activities within each of us to make our individual worlds is revolutionary. The traditional template was that there was only one truth, and everyone had to see it the same way and agree on everything to be right. The new template is that we are all different, leading different life paths, contributing different gifts to humankind, and our stations in life will be very different indeed means the side we see of truth has to fit us. That is where seeing things through our own eyes comes into play. That is our first of seven spiritual activities we must reclaim to find ourselves and glorify God as we do them.

What Does New Age Mean God Brought The Animals To Adam For Him To Name Them

Mainstream Christianity argues that there is no such thing as relevant truth because that would mean if it were right for you to hurt others, then it is okay for you to do so. That is an inaccurate accusation, intended to steal your right to see things through your own eyes away from you, using guilt to do so. Relevant truth does not apply to life diminishing acts and acts of boundary violation. It applies to acts of self-discovery and our personal life’s fulfillment. New Age, or New Age Christianity recognizes in your spiritual person the seven activities that are an integral part of who you are. Doing these are how we are to both expand ourselves as God made us to do and also worship and glorify God.

Your Seven Spiritual Activities Are:

Seeing Things Through Your Own Eyes

Feeling Your Own Feelings

Thinking Your Own Thoughts

Making Your Own Choices

Finding Your Own Dreams (Talents)

Building Your Own Dreams (Talents)

Sharing Your Own Dreams (Talents) in Celebration

Talking about God may not be worship of God, learning about the Bible may not be worship of God. Being our best highest character selves is always glorifying and worship of God.

The Greatest Gift One Can Give Another Is To see Things Through Their Eyes And Walk In Their World With Them. We Wish To Carry Your Burdens With You. Please Share Your Heart With Us.

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