I Lost Faith In God Is A Feeling Of Ones Who Are Gifted

I lost faith in God is what many people feel as they struggle to find themselves and build their lives in an increasingly inadequate world. Their feelings are accurate and that tells us something good about the ones feeling that God is failing them. It tells me the ones feeling lost faith in God, and thusly in life and humanity itself, are gifted with ambition and a desire to share something good within themselves to the rest of Humankind. Nobody of low character ever feels, ‘I lost faith in God,’ because they do not care about a higher level of living or gifting anything to posterity. Early on, those with deep character are at a loss to express fully their depth of feelings, especially in their youth when putting deep things into words is most difficult. Stating deep feelings, ambitions and spiritual giftedness takes a long time to develop because of both a lack of vocabulary and mental ability to put into words their emotions completely. That is the realm of older adults who are years into spiritual self-awareness. Another problem is often the lack of another spiritual peer or even an adult with which to share. 

I Lost Faith In God Is A True Perspective, But It Is Not Permanent

Lower order souls are content with low levels of living, but higher order souls feel a desire to build for themselves and others a better life. This is a desire that requires much effort over many years to achieve, but nothing less than working on it will be satisfactory. When you were born, this desire for something of this magnitude was already within you. It is part of who you are, just like your blue eyes, your gender and what family into which you were born. Not only were your desires and interests a part of who you are, but also were your life path and future relationships all planned out as well.

I Lost Faith In God Because I Have Not Succeeded Yet

Lost faith in God is from feeling disconnected from God and perhaps believing God is not a being or principle in which is worthy to have faith. That is reasonable and true. Your logic is not off nor are your feelings incorrect. For most deep charactered, higher order persons, achievement of what they are truly capable of requires much effort because when done it will bring much good into Humankind. There is another characteristic of great things of being accomplished, and that is it always requires many tries, attempts, and approaches to the goal to get there. The failed attempts on your part and trusting in uncooperative, phony people, situations and organizations are all part of the building effort. These planned failures are all part of the learning process to make you a more educated creator of that which you are to succeed in creating. This repeated failure process will only make you a better teacher and guide for those who will follow you.

I Lost Faith In God What I Want is Simple, Therefore Unimportant

You may feel that none of this applies to you because all you want is to create a simple life for yourself, your spouse or dog and house plants or some similar smaller scale objective. It is easy to equate small scale and individual to unimportant. When you look at the possible purpose of your life, and the need to have a trust in God and Life for that purpose, you may see things differently. God, Life, and Humankind’s purpose is unity and inclusion. If you were not important and unneeded, you would not have been created in the first place. Big scale things, like values, causes, organizations and even religions all need big scale participants. Below that, those things all need lesser contributors. At each level, every one of those participants are critically important. At some level you will be everything to someone, something, or some setting. That is important because your success in getting there means everything to those who need you or will need you. Realizing you are an important part of something greater than yourself is the first step in seeing your importance to God, and thusly why you can have faith in God and Humankind.

I Lost Faith In God I Do Not Relate To Christianity Or Even Religion

Now let us look at the events or conditions which made you lose faith in God; Every event, thing, person, or condition experienced that made you lose faith are all a lie. If your association of God was caused by anything connected to Christianity or even religion in general, they are all a lie. Christianity and any religion are only that societies’ or cultures’ version of spirituality, nothing more. That is why there are so many versions of Christianity in general. They all take a principle, place a personality with it and then claim if you worship that personality, you are going to acquire that principle. This is sadly not true. Those who claim any religion’s teachings have been the worst offenders of what they claim as a universal law. Interactions you may have had with them will obviously be confusing, as they are the greatest Christians, but are the worst human beings.

I Lost Faith In God This Is How To Restore Your Faith

References to God and any religion are obviously religious in nature, which is spirituality seen through the eyes of a society’s version of spirituality. Religion and spirituality are different. For those whom that shoe fits that is fine and there is no conflict. However, if your life path and your deep identity are not understood by them, others, and perhaps not even you yet, then there is a conflict, and that will definitely cause you to lose faith in God. Life is not about you fitting in to their roles, it is about you finding and fitting into your role, your life, and your future. And on that note, God created you to find you, be you, and live out your life in you being who you are. The biggest mistake I see many people have made whom have lost faith in God, is that they have believed God is in other people, a religion, an institution such as a profession or even academia in general. When they have looked ‘out there’ to connect with God, they will always be disappointed and deceived. God is not ‘out there’ in anything. God is ‘within’ and ‘inside’ your heart. God is not found in where you find Him, He is found in the eyes through which you look!

I Lost Faith In God Until I Began To Be Fully Me

To restore your lost faith in God, you must: See things Through Your Own Eyes, not someone else’s eyes, Feel Your Own Feelings about what you see, Think Your Own Thoughts on what you see and feel, Make Your Own Choices on your feelings. These four steps will create new faith in God, Humankind, and Life itself because they will reveal the deception that has taken away your faith in what is right for you.
Beyond that your excitement for life will be increased to your original childhood joy when you go internally further to Dream Your Own Dreams about your childhood passion and talents and interests, Create Your Dream and pursue your talent, and lastly Rejoice And Share Your Dream creation with all Humankind.

Talking about God may not be worship of God, learning about the Bible may not be worship of God. Being our best highest character selves is always glorifying and worship of God.

The Greatest Gift One Can Give Another Is To see Things Through Their Eyes And Walk In Their World With Them. We Wish To Carry Your Burdens With You. Please Share Your Heart With Us.

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