What Is The New Age Christianity View Regarding Character

What is the new age contrast to what is happening in society overall? In my profession I have the honor of interacting with many people daily. These fine people hold positions within the community that are involved in business. All of them hold religious views supportive of society and they all show moral awareness. What we often discuss is an increasing lack of character in our community in general. What we also have noticed is similar growing degradation in church behavior that mirrors society’s loss of the same. We often see it in our roles in business as a growing need for solid character in prospective employees that cannot be filled, and in unethical character in present employees and in management as well. This has nothing to do with the wages offered or in second class benefits, as our company offers the best in both areas, yet the need for good employees remains high and turnover rate in our company is a horrific thirty or more percent continually!

What Is The New Age Christianity Is Also No Longer A Source Of Honor

This same loss of character is highly evident in the religious community, where most churches in Aurora and Englewood Colorado are no longer spirituality teaching institutions but have become examples of what not to be as a solid high-character human being. They are as worldly as they come and offer nothing other than good reasons to question Christianity as a religious standard in the first place. It is in the light of their obvious lack of integrity that brought me to question further their religious teachings for truth, because the values they teach and their actions promoting their religious organization do not match, not even close. Most Churches are nothing more than self-promoting organizations to grow their ranks and employ teachings designed to make you need them.

What Is The New Age Character Taught By Itself Is Teachable Without Religion

This also prompts me to look at moral and spiritual truth not through the eyes of mainstream Christianity, but through a New Age Christian perspective that bypasses organized religion altogether. Why is this even needed, if Christianity is the only right religion and the Bible is God’s unique inerrant truth? All my friends see the degrading character in American society today and how it is affecting daily life to the point of economic collapse of small businesses. The contrast between high character normal people who tend to nurture and love and those who are poisoners who possess no propensity for nurturing or love is growing more obvious. If we cannot look to organized religion and Christianity for moral guidance, then where can we look?

What Is The New Age Virtue Is Teachable Outside Of Christianity

I suggest we look deep within our own selves and the values our ancestors and forefathers taught and held dear. Perhaps the most reliable source of truth is already within our own hearts and conscience. Mainstream Christian religion has long held that only those forgiven through believing in Jesus Christ can be saved. Yet Jesus himself said be a good Samaritan. In other words, acting good from your heart is salvation. When you change your ways and turn from all life damaging behavior to life enhancing behavior that is salvation worthy by itself. If that is true, then you do not need organized religion, only character teachings from others around you to be role models of it for you to follow. That is what organized religion, especially mainstream Christianity does not want you to know. Moreover, that is exactly what American Society and Culture desperately needs today. Forget looking to most Christian organizations for that life liberating insight. They are about promoting themselves and placing themselves between you and God, so you need them to get to God. You do not need them, because God is within you already, and that is what New Age Christianity teaches.

What Is The New Age? An Awakening Of Our Spirituality Within Us All

We across Humankind are coming into a New Age consciousness over the last sixty years that is seeing the fallacy of Christianity using its monastic separation-from-God scare tactic to promote itself. Now we are seeking a higher order source of truth by which we are to live our lives. We are all gradually seeing the most reliable source of how to live our lives in the most honorable way is already within ourselves, as our conscience. Our hearts do not lie, and our conscience always tells us the truth. Character and Pride are all virtues we can look within to find. Moreover, not only will our hearts and conscience tell us the truth of what is right and honorable, it will tell us something even more important, and that is what is right and honorable for us as the unique gifted individual that we each are. As individuals, we are all going on different life paths, and each of our contributions to Humankind will all be very different. Each one of us is needed to make Humankind complete and as beautiful as it can be. Since you are needing a source of insight and spiritual learning, then you must have a conscience and sensing that it needs to be recognized, embraced, and followed as a higher order guide for your life. That is, you are embracing your own spirituality, outside of religion and societal institutions. That is the New Age Christianity realization which is happening to you and many other spiritual persons awakening.

Talking about God may not be worship of God, learning about the Bible may not be worship of God. Being our best highest character selves is always glorifying and worship of God.

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