Do People Need To Belong The Awakening Self

Yes, people need to belong somewhere. When someone becomes aware of this state of needing, wanting to be in a better place, that is a sign of spiritual awakening. When you were created, you were made with more than just yourself a person. You were created as a person, a life path, a plan on that life path, and a talent or gift to use on your life path to benefit Humankind. And no this is not an evangelistic message to convince you to join a religion, it is a message about your whole spiritual nature, of which you are now becoming aware. Any religion is any one culture’s perception of spirituality, that is why religion and spirituality are different. You are now feeling glimpses of your emerging life path, and the future part of it is perceived by you as a need to belong somewhere. Yes, people need to belong, and there is more to it than that. We need to belong, and we need to be ourselves doing what we were given a talent to do, in the place and setting in which we are supposed to be doing it. Does all this sound complicated and overwhelming? No, it is not. We will simplify and explain all this right here.

Do People Need To Belong Recognizing Your Whole Self

Seeing yourself as a person, with a life path, and a talent or gift to share within Humankind is an awakening on your part. The feeling of needing to belong shows you are on your right path, already traveling on it. So, what is our guide to keep us on track, in a timely manner to get where we are supposed to go? There are seven spiritual activities that all living things do to be living things. We will only share the first one here because it is your map and energy to get you to where you need to belong. This first spiritual activity is Seeing Things Through Our Own Eyes. Seeing things through your own eyes will show you what your talent or gift is, and where in life you are supposed to use this gift to benefit yourself and Humankind.

Do People Need To Belong You Will Be Complete When You Will Arrive There

The need to belong goes far beyond finding a place somewhere in your future to be happy. The need to belong also includes you finding who you are, doing something you love to do, to make your somewhere place more complete. It is more than finding this place, it is also about you finding your complete self to make this place complete upon your arrival. Without you there, it will not be complete, and your absence will leave it lacking. That goes for the setting, and the people there in it who need you.

Do People Need To Belong Wisdom Gained Is In The Journey To Get There

All religions refer to this place as a final destination, and our soul’s yearning to belong there. There is a myth, called The Lost Child In Exile Myth that explains it in detail. We start out far removed from where we belong, with the desire to find it. In the process of the journey, are our trials, losses, and sufferings to make us more complete. Our sufferings are not for punishment as we first see them as being. It will only be in years later we will see them as a lesson about something. These hardship events all have a purpose, which is to make us wiser. This is so that we will better serve ourselves and others with our gifts and wisdom once we finally arrive. The reason for the long exhaustive journey, is to grow us spiritually in our travels. where we will learn all our soul lessons. Those who have had the hardest journeys will have the most wisdom and character upon arrival.

Do People Need To Belong Understanding Will Only Take You So Far

Not all journeys are the same. Those with the most potential for character and wisdom will have been given the hardest life paths as training. As in the military, the hardest training is given to the most qualified candidates with the most potential to give back to Humankind. Your yearnings of needing to belong are all you perceive of your life path and plan. As you dwell on your needing to belong somewhere, focusing on seeing things through your eyes, that will lead you on how to get there. Needing to belong tells you in faith that you have a yet undiscovered place in which you will belong, be needed, and celebrated. No one is an outcast and a misfit everywhere. Everyone is a gift somewhere to someone. Needing to belong somewhere is a spiritual thing, and spiritual things are best accomplished by seeing things through your own eyes and second, trusting your way in finding it. As we get deeper into our spiritual realm, we cannot understand our way to completeness for the entire journey, we must then trust our way to completeness for most of it.

Talking about God may not be worship of God, learning about the Bible may not be worship of God. Being our best highest character selves is always glorifying and worship of God.

The Greatest Gift One Can Give Another Is To see Things Through Their Eyes And Walk In Their World With Them. We Wish To Carry Your Burdens With You. Please Share Your Heart With Us.

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