Finding God After Losing Faith

Finding God after losing faith may be part of our spiritual training designed into our life before time began. Our life’s experiences can appear as a parade of chaos, loss, and unmet needs with no seeming purpose. It may even appear to us as punishment, proof we are unimportant, that we do not matter. However, there is more to your story than that, much more indeed!

Finding God After Losing Faith How Do You See The Cause?

Let us look at this in pieces. First is where did you lose your faith, at what level? Did you lose your faith because something happened to you in church and with your religious friends? Or was it from something that happened in life in general such as death of a loved one or loss of something very valuable to you? Maybe it was from failed achievements telling you something bad about you. The origin of the loss of faith is not important, but your interpretation of it is. Because in your corrected interpretation of it lies your answer.

Finding God After Losing Faith Organized Religion May Not Hold The Answer

There are big differences of function between Religion, Psychotherapy, and Nurturing. All religious organizations will tell you they know where God is, and you need them to get connection to Him. Some of their reasons are because they believe it themselves, most of their reason is because they need to grow their church organization, which is good for them, but may not be any benefit to you. All Christian religion believes that God is a superpower much like Russia, China and The United States and He is located far away from you, hidden somewhere up in Heaven, outer space on some tropical planet with a bunch of angels waiting on Him hand and foot. There in paradise He looks down at us seeing everything sinful we do, tracking it all on a supercomputer to be tallied on judgement day. Then Christ will judge us, and God will sit by enjoying seeing Christ condemn all who are not religious and academically achieved.

Finding God After Losing Faith Consider Looking Within. He Is In His Highest Creation, You

The New Age belief is different in how we see God and where we find Him. Unlike mainstream Christianity, we want you to know you do not necessarily need any religion to find God, although you can find Him in it, nor do you need any religion to reach God either. Where God is located is like asking at what time of day does your mother love you. God is probably nowhere, and He can be everywhere all the time. What we need to find out is how do you again find Him, and how do you reach and experience Him. Your sense of loss of connection to Him is disturbing for you. We want to help fix that. If you have experienced some loss or severe trauma, and perhaps a growing emptiness over something, then the need to gain a spiritual foundation is important. We want you to know finding God is not based on any religious philosophy, doctrine, or denomination, Christian or non-Christian.

Finding God After Losing Faith Can An Animal Teach Us Something?

While we are New Age, you do not need us as a religion either to find God and have a relationship with Him. When God created all the living things what did He tell them to do? Go forth, multiply, and fill the earth. Non-thinking animals and plants have no trouble in doing so because they live by instinct and do that naturally and automatically. Humans are thinking mammals and we encounter problems because of it. Let us look at animals and plants and see how they do things and maybe we can learn something from them. What can we learn from a mammal such as a dog or plant such as a shamrock? What are they doing that we should be doing? First, because they are a lower life form their relationship with God is more automatic and takes less maintenance than our relationship with God which requires participation on our part. All living things do best one thing that sometimes us people have trouble with, which is being their authentic God created unique self. And that surprisingly is where we will find God.

Finding God After Losing Faith God Is In Your Talents, Your Interests

If we have suffered emotional trauma, having experienced bad things which justifiably caused us to lose our faith, then we have lost touch with who and what we are. This consequently will cause our lost feeling of being close to God. That is not your fault. Do not see yourself as sinning because of it. Maybe it is God’s bringing growth in you by it happening. It may well be intended. So, to find God after losing faith, we must look at our deepest God created inner self to find Him. What is inside of you that may be a portal to our creator, and that restored sense of connection? You are your unique version of God that is unlike any other person that has ever lived since Humanity began. If you find and reconnect with your uniqueness, you will find God, and your sense of connection to Him.

Finding God After Losing Faith What Happened Will Teach You Something Good About You

Start looking within yourself. God, and your sense of connection with Him, and all the vast treasure chest of inspiration with it, are inside you. There are two sides to you as a person: There is the What You Are, which is a spiritual human being, with a profound connection to every other human being that has ever lived. That is special indeed. Look at it that way. Also is Who You Are, the unique one-only gift presented to humankind by your presence and participation in it. Both aspects of you are important. Within each of these aspects of you the person lies your sense of Authenticity, Spontaneity, and faith in life. Being yourself, much like the automatic being of themselves, natural to all living things like the animals and plants we talked about earlier, will restore your connection and lost faith in God you need.

Finding God After Losing Faith God Wants You To Find Yourself

Moreover, the temporary loss of faith experienced will reveal spiritual insight you will discover years in the future. This deep insight will grow you stronger, you can help others in Humankind God will send in your life path along that same journey. God is training you to help others who might not be strong enough to make it without your strength. This journey back to finding God again after losing all faith will not be easy, but the journey will be worth it. Moreover, you must be very proud of yourself once you have fully come home to you. Loss of faith and feeling away from God, and yourself, was intended to make you stronger and more connected to God, with a restored fellowship to the family of Humankind. We rejoice in your starting your journey home!

Finding God Can Be Very Confusing If We Look Out Into The World First Finding Your God Given Purpose

Finding My Purpose In God This Inquiry Proves You Are A Deep Person With A Much-Needed Contribution Finding My Purpose In God You Are Created To Help Make Humankind Complete

Talking about God may not be worship of God, learning about the Bible may not be worship of God. Being our best highest character selves is always glorifying and worship of God.

The Greatest Gift One Can Give Another Is To see Things Through Their Eyes And Walk In Their World With Them. We Wish To Carry Your Burdens With You. Please Share Your Heart With Us.

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