Our Only Purpose Is To help You In Finding Meaning In Your Life

This Website’s Purpose   if you are working on finding meaning in your life, then first begin looking for it on the spiritual level. Spiritual truth and principles trickle down to the physical level through our heart into our emotions, which begin to guide our views and choices to be increasingly more life enhancing as we mature. Here we share spiritual truth of the beauty within you which is not based on any religion! We are not evangelists.

Finding Meaning In Your Life Starts With Your Spirituality

Religious agreement is not required for it to apply to you. We are not judges; we are servants. what we explain here will apply to anyone regardless of their theological and cultural background or destination. we affirm you are grandfathered into spirituality outside of religion, no denomination is required. Whatever your questions are, and why you have them tells you something important about you. To begin, You Are God’s Creation. You are part of Humankind, with much in common with every human that has ever lived in the last 250,000 years. Our race started in Africa in the symbolic Garden of Eden and over time, has migrated to every part of Earth. All humans are your relatives, Your mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters, every one of them has participated in some degree in making all culture and economy which has given you the advanced environment you enjoy today.

Find Meaning In Your Life By Considering Your Unique Inclusion

Within you is their blood, genetics, capability of advanced deep thought, to create, to think, innovate and combine, and imagine good that may be far more in scale than has ever happened before. What was in them, is now in you to carry on. What a billion previous ancestors have done, you will be adding to and carrying it further. There is one last characteristic that is most important of all; You are different and totally unique from every person that has ever lived. No previous relative has ever had the ability to see things through your eyes, feel what you feel, think exactly what you think, and choose what you have and will choose, ever! Humankind throughout all history will not be complete without you, you complete Humankind and make it fully a family. The first point; You are God’s Creation. The second point; In all of the History of Humankind there is and will always be only one You.

Talking about God may not be worship of God, learning about the Bible may not be worship of God. Being our best highest character selves is always glorifying and worship of God.

To Find Meaning In Your Life Start With Your Questions

For whatever reason that you are here, we hope you find the answers you seek. It may be trying to find answers about God, Religion, and confusion of why churches have mistreated you the way they have as they have severely mistreated me. Perhaps maybe you are seeking comfort from emotional pain from betrayal, being overwhelmed with situations in your personal daily life such as loss of family or a loved one in death. We have worked very hard to address as many specific situations that apply to as many of us as possible. We have lived through many events and have seen many settings in others’ lives from which we have gained wisdom to help you grow through those same settings yourself.

Finding Meaning In Your Life With Learning Wisdom

That is the beauty of our being older, because we elders have seen much more than younger ones. Moreover, with age comes the ability to understand deeper things invisible and not understood to those in youth. What we see clearly is that for every horrific setting, with every painful loss, and with every deep emotional need, there is a beautiful realization and completeness which will come afterward. There is a chance to regain something even greater, and a future opportunity to gain back and give to others a blessing even more emotionally enriching than that which you experienced as loss earlier. You see, life’s chaos is not random, it is structured, as your life is, and it is structured so that you can improve Humankind by going through it and improving it for those you love that will come behind you.

Finding Meaning In Your Life Is In Embracing Your Own Significance

Think of it this way, your ancestors may have been asked by God, “Would you mind being born in this era and going through this world war or famine if it would improve humankind enough that another war and famine of this scale would never happen again in human history?” And to one last person they all could have said, “Yes, we will agree and be born then. Send us God, We will go.” Maybe God sent us into the hardships we have suffered because He needed us to. Maybe He just asked, and we said yes. Maybe us going through these sufferings prevented lesser, weaker, and more sensitive souls from having to suffer what would have been too much for them. Maybe you chose this life with these problems, to save them from having to suffer what for them would have been too much. Maybe. The point here is you are serving God and Humankind, all your suffering is not in vain and meaningless, and your victory over any of this will serve others permanently, forever.

The Greatest Gift One Can Give Another Is To see Things Through Their Eyes And Walk In Their World With Them. We Wish To Carry Your Burdens With You. Please Share Your Heart With Us.

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Just for the record, this is an emotional and spiritual encouragement ministry. We are selling nothing here and are not at the present time even set up to take donations, and probably never will. Your healed life are our reward enough, and we are very pleased with that. If you want to, please share your strength with others in your future so our nurturing can live on.