What Is New Age Religion The After Stage

What is New Age Religion? In other pages here we share the differences between New Age Religion and Christianity in general, but here we will share how New Age Religion is in full agreement with Christianity where it counts. Any differences in their theology and our theology are centered on the perspective of each. For example, many mainstream Christian organizations who serve the church (which is the people) repeatedly emphasize the importance of sin in the believer’s life, even after salvation. The effect to the believer is that sin is an ever-present energy that the believer must continually fight against to overcome and repeatedly confess to maintain their salvation. To them, that is where Christianity stops, right in the doorway into a new life but never entering fully into it. This is where we disagree the most.

What Is New Age Religion Live In The New You

We believe that once saved, always saved, once spirit filled, always spirit filled. At that point life is in an after-salvation state of reborn, restored and rebuilt anew. There is no need to ever deny ourselves ever again and be ashamed for what we were in a dead now non-existent sinful state that no longer exists. At that point we must return to the self-centered, self-focused, self-empowered self, because the self we are now is in fact the home of the Holy Spirit indwelling in our uniqueness. This Holy Spirit version is nothing more than our uniqueness, gifts, talents, interests, skills, and passions, which we call our Energy Emergences. In other words, we are now God Himself in the form or our personality. We are now God incarnate as who we are as a special individual.

What Is New Age Religion Look Forward Into The Sunrise

Denying our incomplete, sinful, and flawed self was necessary when we were capable of sin, but the sin and sin state are gone. Denying the Holy Spirit’s energy and presence within us, restricting our expansion and expression of who we are now as an individual at this point is sin itself. New Age Christianity is nothing more than what we should do and be after we have fully made the entry into God’s kingdom and acting as a member of God’s church. Once we are entered in, we do not believe we should look back and we should look forward only. There is no need to look back.

What Is New Age Religion Embrace Yourself As The Gift

New Age Religion is exactly that, a new age and new person that we step into being upon the Holy Spirit’s entry into our heart and our life. God then manifests Himself mostly through embellishing our individualities, talents, interests, passions, capabilities as multiple direction gifts. We are first a gift from God to Humankind overall, at the same time we are a gift from God to ourselves, lastly, we are a gift God has prepared back to Himself as we become fully who we are in all the potential we are to live out in joy.

What Is New Age Religion The Flawed Template

The theological assumption is if you take a principle, then attach a personality to it, and then if you worship that personality, you will then acquire that principle. That is a flawed assumption common to every religion that has ever existed. New Age Religion, specifically New Age Christianity teaches that virtues are not transmitted by theological instruction, virtues are taught by role modeling and example and must be taught separately. If the former were true, all followers of Christianity, in all its forms and denominations would all possess deep amounts of character, and all peoples in every culture not of Christian background would possess no character at all. Moreover, their lives and cultures would be in chaos and disarray.

What Is New Age Religion One Of Character, Not Theology

My extensive relationships with vast numbers of individuals have proven just the opposite is true. Those who are most spirit-filled, most academically and theologically grounded recently have told me I am a threat to be around their children because I am a registered sex offender in my city of Aurora and State of Colorado. I have been told thirteen times, ‘Go and worship elsewhere, you are not welcome here.’ This is after a thirty-year platinum plated history of living a new life, doing as God told the woman at the well to do, ‘Go and sin no more!’ Alternatively, the unsaved, high character gifted persons with whom I have grown very close to in long term relationships in our city have welcomed me trustingly into their families who have many young children and young girls. Moreover, they have never set foot into a church in their lives! What is wrong here?

What Is New Age Religion A Religion For Everyone

My belief is that God is not in religion, even in the institution of Christianity. God is in character, honor, virtue, devotion to family, community, capitalism, and lastly patriotism to our country and to freedoms within all other countries, and Humankind in general. The argument that one must be saved through a salvation experience with Jesus Christ in a church is not valid either. Those who have been most saved have been the most hostile and unforgiving to me, and those with no salvation have shown the most compassion towards me. New Age Christianity as I have experienced it has shown me that a changed heart can happen to those whose heart has that capacity in the first place. The Bible refers to those persons as ‘the called.’ And it happens throughout Humankind all the time, everywhere, in any peoples and cultures on earth, throughout all time.

Talking about God may not be worship of God, learning about the Bible may not be worship of God. Being our best highest character selves is always glorifying and worship of God.

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