What Is New Age Religion Defining The Two Groups

What is new age religion, is being asked by increasing numbers of spiritual people who have been disappointed by mainstream religious organizations, especially Christianity. The best way to understand the difference between New Age thought and old school religious teachings is to compare it to Christianity in general. While there are many variants of New Age advocates who self-define as New Age, there are also just as many variants of Christian views as well. If you are looking for truth, and Christian judgemental-ism is not working for you and your family, this comparison may prove helpful to see if this New Age view is right for you.

What Is New Age Religion Conformity Or Expression Of Your Gifts

To begin with, let us look at world views of each religion and ourselves. Christianity is based on the concept that there is only one right way to see things and be right, and we all need to see things the same way and agree completely. Conformity is the only way to please an almighty God who wants us all to be like Jesus. There is only one right way and that is God’s way. New Age Christianity is based on there are generally about as many right ways to see and do things as there are people seeing and doing them. That is because Christianity assumes you are sin and a mistake, and you must deny yourself and conform to Christ in the manner the church administration tells you to.

What New Age Religion Says About You, Mistake Or God’s Gift To Life

New Age Christianity asserts that you are to be the unique individual God made you to be and not change your gifts and passions. New Age encourages you to share those talents which define you, with all others, those talents gifted inside you from birth. Christianity tells you to deny yourself and your interests and New Age tells you that you should embellish yourself, showcasing your talents for all others to enjoy, which will benefit all Humanity. Christianity says you are inherently a mistake and should suppress continually the sin forever within you. New Age says you should look inside, find, and embellish your passions and talents because that is how you best serve God is by being your unique gifted self. Christianity says, ‘be like and follow Jesus’, New Age says, ‘be like yourself, because that is how God wanted you to be in the first place.’ Christianity says you are forever flawed by sin. New Age Christianity focuses on who you are fully restored and enjoy sharing yourself with pride after your choice to change your life. Christianity focuses on the before state of you, New Age focuses on the after state of you.

What Is New Age Religion And Christianity, Where Each Thinks God Is

This brings up another major point of disagreement, which is where Christianity and New Age differ on where we each think God is: Christianity asserts that God is an almighty male figure up in a spiritual fortress called Heaven where He rules on a throne somewhere. In that place all His saints, martyrs and angels will protect Him from ever letting any sin into Heaven. The Bible says, “No sin will ever enter inside its gates.” Only the righteous and the Godly will ever enter there, which means only those who would kill their own child if God told them to or turn their back on their best friend as well, will ever be good enough to get in.  The only ones in Heaven will be all the elites, those with advanced Doctor of Divinity degrees from the many religious universities which will be up there, who will be following God around and stabbing each other in the back with lies to impress God. God Is loving all the worship He will be getting from these phony, righteous backstabbers! If it is happening here on earth in churches, it is sure to be happening even worse up in Heaven, the closer you get to God. Remember, according to the Bible itself, sin happened up in Heaven first, then occurred here on earth later.

What New Age Religion Teaches About Who Matters

The next difference between New Age Christianity and Old School Christianity is how we each claim God appears to us in our lives. Christianity says that God only comes to us and hears us after we ask Jesus into our lives, and we are saved. Everyone before that and outside of that is what they claim are ‘lost’.  God does not appear to sinners and lost, unless they were players in the Bible, like the kings and prophets who were from the lineage of David and were important. Common man today has no place. Look at what they did to the witches in the Bible times also in Winston and Salem Massachusetts three hundred years ago. That is Christianity for you, whether commanded by God or was the fault of the corrupt church managements, either way it shows the Holy Spirit is not as in control as Christianity claims it to be.

What Is New Age Religion One Spiritual View That Recognizes And Embraces Uniqueness

New Age Christianity asserts that our connection to the Infinite God is not with Him up in Heaven, as in when He commands us to do something. God connects with us from within ourselves, through or gifts, talents, and passions. New Age teaches us that where we find God is not in a church building with expensive fountains and statues of angels, God manifests Himself as our gifts, passions, interests, and talents within each person in all its different forms. That is no matter where we are, or when we were born in human history. God is found in your passion to become a mechanic, study mathematics, teach first aid, draw, write essays, become a psychologist, and yes, even become a catholic priest. It is not the becoming a catholic priest part that makes it right, it is because you want to become a catholic priest part that makes it right. That is a big difference. From the first mother loving her newborn child to the last baby ever born, God relates to all of them through their hearts and what they have a passion for doing when they grow up.  That means that God is within all of us already and always has been. Your heart to change from doing bad things is the door, and what you love to do and be is God’s message and will for you thereafter.

Talking about God may not be worship of God, learning about the Bible may not be worship of God. Being our best highest character selves is always glorifying and worship of God.

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