What Is The New Age Is About The Awakening Of Spirituality Within You

What is the new age is a question that has many right answers. Asking, ‘what is this new age,’ is much like asking, ‘what is right for me.’ The correct answer is for the reason one may be asking it. Searching minds are deep minds not content with something currently in their life today. Something may be missing or something not right is always the reason one will seek a better way, or a clearer understanding. Traditional way of looking for answers are to seek them in an institution, such as religion, academia, present culture, or even government. The problem with those sources of insight is those sources are not you and they do not know you. 

What Is The New Age Is Seeing We Are All Flowers And Fruits In Humankind’s Garden Of Eden

Traditional approach to understanding anything is to seek answers and then conform ourselves to their answers to be right and okay. This is good if their answers are truly what and who you are, then all is fine. However, not everyone is able to conform to the answers that religion, academia, societal culture and even government can provide. Traditional approach is old age, and a new approach is necessary to help all persons find their place in which to fit. Those who advance society, Humankind, and blaze the way in the frontiers of living have always been the pioneers, the misfits, the revolutionists who change things for the better. For them, old age approach to living within the current values and boundaries does not fit and should not fit them. It is perfectly healthy for those of us who question the present status of things in search of improvement to do so, for that is who we are.

What Is The New Age The Shift From Societal Conformity To Spiritual Self Recognition And Personal Birth

Those who ask, ‘what is the new age,’ feel inside their God given instinct to change things for the better because they correctly feel their soul’s desire within. There is a new way for these unique persons to look at life which is just as correct and accurate for them as the old age way to view life is for the traditionalists. What the new age is about is acknowledging the importance of the one asking the question, any question and deserving an answer that meets their needs. Put simply, what is the new age is a change in perspective, from that of what is right universally, to what is right for me the individual. The new age of Humankind involves a change in perspective in many cases to ‘what is right for me.’ The reason for this change in perspective is the recognition of the importance of the individual, not only that, but the importance of the individual’s differentness, uniqueness, and their gifts of such, needed in their role in Humankind.

What Is The New Age Is About Recognition Of The Individual

In earlier stages of Humankind, conformity was the emphasized, and people were cast into groups, levels, and classes. Within these groups they were forced to play certain roles. They had to behave within parameters which often limited the most gifted from contributing the very gifts God endowed into them. This resulted in Humankind being robbed of the very precious resource within itself needed to advance Humankind. As prosperity grew in the last two centuries of Western civilization, more and more gifted individuals’ contributions started to emerge. As this is happening, a new way of looking at persons was needed in their relationship to life. New Age religion became a term that represented this necessary change. It was a change in perspective in the relationship between man the individual and all matters of life, and the individual’s role in it.

What Is The New Age Humankind Is Now A Garden Of Emerging Individual Giftedness

Before it was all about what was fact and universal and now it is more about what is truth and how the one searching and asking sees it as well. Facts are different from truth. Facts are hand selected information the presenter has chosen to prove his point and view. That is what society and cultures do, many times very oppressively. Truth on the other hand is all information on a subject and the one seeking it can see it from his natural perspective. That is what seeing things through your own eyes allows you to do as a unique individual, differently gifted from everyone else. What is the new age means for all of Humankind, the new age for everyone in which each of us is given the recognition of being gifted. We are not just persons whose best use is conformity to a society created standard form and force to play that role. We are, or should be, free to find ourselves, be ourselves and share our unique giftedness with all of Humankind.

What Is The New Age Merging Of Conforming To Healthy Social Norms And Expression Of Our Gifts Within Those Norms To Improve humankind

What the new age is about is the new emphasis on the individual asking, that is you, and less emphasis on the answer given. New Age is the awakening of Humankind to this long overdue shift from ‘what is right and fact,’ to ‘what is right for you and truth.’ Before in all the dark ages and medieval mindset, it was all about the oppression of the individual, now it is shifting to becoming aware of the importance of the uniqueness of the individual and welcoming their contribution to better and improve Humankind.

What Is The New Age Is Encouraging Your Deepest Self To Emerge

Change in cultural values takes time and will meet with much resistance from traditionalists. They first will argue that what is right for you must always be what is right for me, otherwise you may say it is right for one to kill and that is wrong. That misleading argument is a joke. They will intentionally confuse observations about boundaries and community to prove their right to violate your boundaries. What the new age is about is acknowledging your seven spiritual rights, the first being ‘seeing things through your own eyes, and not anyone else’s eyes or even society’s eyes for that matter. This is different from giving yourself permission to hurt others and create life damaging events, which is universally wrong. What the new age is about is at last recognizing the full personhood of each individual and all their attributes. This means defining all those attributes and recognizing these attributes have boundaries that we have every moral right to defend. Embracing and being our fullest selves and bringing all our giftedness to others is new to Humankind and long overdue. It is time to recognize your highest deified self will make it a far better, more complete world for everyone, the one God intends us to make, for ourselves, our children, and for Him.

Talking about God may not be worship of God, learning about the Bible may not be worship of God. Being our best highest character selves is always glorifying and worship of God.

The Greatest Gift One Can Give Another Is To see Things Through Their Eyes And Walk In Their World With Them. We Wish To Carry Your Burdens With You. Please Share Your Heart With Us.

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