Finding Your Calling From God Your Bible Story Beginning In The Garden

Finding your calling from God will begin with this look at what kind of person you are, then seeing your journey in a biblical landscape. The entire bible story is in every one of us. If you are searching for emotional answers for things burdening your heart, you are at the right place. They may be questions about yourself, currently too big or deep, but every spiritual question has an answer. Those issues, settings, or events may be far too complex, but there is a manner to dissect them so that they can be embraced and ultimately conquered. To understand them, you must look at those things in order, a schedule, a hierarchy. That correct order is the only way you the searcher will ever be able to find the truth that your heart so desperately needs to be in complete peace. The first step we are going to take, before we talk about anything else, is to talk about you. Any deep emotional pain, and its causes can only be embraced and healed successfully by understanding the order and having a trustful peace about that part of your life or that part of a loved one’s life.

Finding Your Calling From God The Bible As A Road

Understand it this way; when you get in your car to travel anywhere, you do not know every street, every turn, every lane change, every event that trip involves from start to finish, as you make your way to a loved one’s home in another state. All you ever have is the road directly in front of you and what you are seeing presently. That is all you need to know is a few hundred feet ahead of you, no matter how many miles the trip is long. You trust that you can negotiate the unseen miles ahead when you get to them, each mile at a time. Your life and its emotional obstacles are exactly the same way. Now we are getting to the ‘talk about you’ part. This is the first few hundred feet of road that is directly in front of you as you go down the highway of your life.

Finding Your Calling From God Your Bible Story

Why you are here, and for which you are searching tells us plenty about you the person. We read about God in the bible story, but there is also our bible story within each of us. I have been close to many who struggled with deep issues. I saw impressive characteristics about all of them, unique to this group. These fine people were to a person deeply spiritual and of the highest moral character. They showed the strongest ties to their community and sense of duty unto humankind far beyond normal and even above others who are exceptional.

I also noticed they demonstrated the deepest capacity for emotionality, and the most profound sense of compassion for all living things. The Bellamy Brothers sung it best in their song’s lyrics, “Let your love fly like a bird on a wing, And let your love bind you to all living things, And let your love shine and you'll know what I mean, That's the reason.’ The mindset of those most burdened and heartbroken is the mindset of love and compassion for all others. They are most burdened and are always the most feeling.

Talking about God may not be worship of God, learning about the Bible may not be worship of God. Being our best highest character selves is always glorifying and worship of God.

I also saw they are the most emotionally needful and the feeling the least emotionally understood of almost anyone. Their overpowering deepest spiritual need is to feel recognized for the unique and special person that they are. They have been starved of all mirroring of who and what they are. Often times the lack of mirroring has had horrific consequences for their own spiritual understanding of themselves and their role in their world.

Lastly, these struggling with deep emotional and spiritual burdens have another surprising quality; They are almost always exceptionally talented and gifted in some way deeply needed by humankind. They always demonstrate some deep capacity for nurturing to others. If they were lightened of their emotional burdens, and they were reunited with their natural childhood birthright of the Gift that God bestowed in them, they would light up Humankind in all its glory. That gift is Deep Pride in their Unique Self.

Finding Your Calling From God Your Bible Story Of Finding The Promised Land

It bothered me for the longest time, the mystery of why such gifted and sensitive persons would be overwhelmed by life’s problems, and that persons of lesser character and far less emotionally feeling would not be bothered by, and in fact thrive.

Over time the answers came:

What I found was those lesser persons as parents, caregivers, teachers, coaches because of their lack of character depth would not be able to mirror back the deep character recognition that the dependent gifted child needed. Persons of lesser character need no such feedback on themselves because they do not care so it does not bother them. We need all dimensions of ourselves mirrored back and recognized as we grow up. If that does not happen, we become ashamed and then see ourselves as a mistake. The more deeply sensitive, compassionate, talented, and ambitious we are to serve humankind, the more emotionally damaged we become. And all the while we think it is our inferiority that is causing us to fail to be happy!

Finding Your Calling From God Obstructed By Satan

We all follow the entire bible story through our lives. You as a searcher in emotional and spiritual confusion are an unopened gift from God trying to be born and set free. When you add on that Satan has been throwing every obstacle, he can into your life path to discourage you, that kind of explains a lot, doesn’t it? You are a great threat to Satan, unlike persons of lesser character, so Satan is going to spend more of his assets on keeping you in pain, to stop your gift to Humankind from ever emerging.

We are going to reunite you to your higher order self, and let you see yourself as your parents should have seen you. When that happens, then you will start answering your own questions, which right now you probably cannot even put into words.

Finding Your Calling From God Look For Your Guardian Angels God Is Sending

For right now, consider that you are a far more gifted and deified asset to Humankind than most other people. You are definitely far above average in virtues of character, compassion and feeling. Those very assets are going to change everything for you. Your life is about to blossom into full bloom. Ninety-eight percent of people out there do not possess one small part of your character. All that applies to you. Now with this new insight about yourself, look again at the obstacles you are facing. Also look for possible nurturing guardian angel souls God is bringing into your world. Some may already be in your life, already there.

The Greatest Gift One Can Give Another Is To see Things Through Their Eyes And Walk In Their World With Them. We Wish To Carry Your Burdens With You. Please Share Your Heart With Us.

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Just for the record, this is an emotional and spiritual encouragement ministry. We are selling nothing here and are not at the present time even set up to take donations, and probably never will. Your healed life are our reward enough, and we are very pleased with that. If you want to, please share your strength with others in your future so our nurturing can live on.