Finding Your God Given Purpose Means Relearning Seven Steps We All Did When Young

Seeking help in finding our God given purpose shows we are growing spiritually. We look briefly at our purpose but go into more detail on how to get there, in the way God will reveal it to us. We will show you most importantly the steps it takes to travel it. They were automatic when young but may have been altered by events of suffering. Often these may cause us to discontinue their use. We may have to relearn them to continue our journey to completeness. The suffering has a purpose other than bad luck or punishment to us. Oftentimes we cannot see the strength and wisdom we gain by the losses experienced when they happen, mostly that can happen years later. We are all sojourners on a journey to somewhere, realized, intended or not. If you are seeking insight into your finding your God given purpose, then you are already aware of your deep spiritual side and wish to embrace it. We are going to focus on the most important part of all, telling you about your mode of travel to get there.

Finding Your God Given Purpose Is A Spiritual Journey

We are on a spiritual journey; a physical journey it consists of a change of location. On a spiritual journey it consists of a change of perspective. Landmarks in a physical journey are road signs, following a map, and landscape changes among other things detected by your physical senses. Landmarks in our spiritual journey are detected by our heart, not our physical senses. This path, felt by our heart, was put in our soul before our birth. These spiritual external landmarks are mostly experiences from loved ones who have influenced us deeply throughout our life, to go in a certain direction. There are internal spiritual landmarks as well, which are for what we have passion, maybe an interest, talent, skill that we always wanted to do. We experienced something that sparked our passion, like a young girl discovering gymnastics.

Finding Your God Given Purpose Reconnecting With Your Spiritual Walking Again

What we talk about here are the steps we will take on our journey. The part we need to know about us and our journey to find our God given purpose is we need to know our mode of travel. Unlike physical travel, which can be on foot, bike, automobile, bus, ship, plane, in the spiritual travel there is only one mode of travel. And that is doing what we were originally gifted to do when very young. Life’s bad experiences may have robbed us of our use of these steps. So, we will reintroduce you to them and encourage your practice until they become natural, and further practice even more until they become instinct, as when you were first born.

Finding Your God Given Purpose Starting To Breathe Spiritually Again

The method of travel we all use to find our God given purpose are not physical steps to change our physical location, they are mental steps which lead us to emotional changes in perspective as we progress to find our god given purpose. There are seven spiritual activities we all began to do the second God made us a living breathing soul. These seven spiritual activities together are how we navigate from our starting point to our spiritual destination. As we do all these seven spiritual activities, we become a fully actualized human being and will progress automatically to our highest self. Sound complicated? It is not, and with practice it will become easy and automatic. We do not have to learn how to do them for the first time, but in some cases, we must relearn how to do them, as we did originally as a young child. Learning this mode of travel will automatically guide us on our still unknown path to where we want to go. It is not just a mode of travel, but also is a self-guiding mode of travel spiritually as well. That is the ‘making your own choices’ part.

Finding Your God Given Purpose Understanding My Path

We may ask, “If God loved me, why did he not just put me at my purpose in the first place and save me a lot of time?”

There are two main answers to that logical question. First, is if God put you there already, then you could not be fully aware it is your purpose, and you would not be able to feel your completeness. Fish do not feel what wetness is because they have always been wet, so to speak. Second, the journey to finding our God given purpose is full of lessons to be learned as we travel there so we will be able to fulfill that purpose more completely once arrived. A rich person cannot teach a poor person how to get rich unless the rich teacher was poor first as well. Then they are qualified to guide the poor to prosperity, because they know the path.

Finding Your God Given Purpose The First Four Activities

So, what are these seven activities which act as self-guiding steps to lead us in finding our God given purpose? All mammals do these seven steps in varying degrees. We all did them originally, spontaneously as a means of glorifying God as we did them, but emotional abuse and life’s trauma and loss may have robbed us of the ability to naturally do them. The first four steps are what we do when we are fully honest and in a loving safe environment. We see things through our own eyes, feel our own feelings, think our own thoughts, and make our own choices. That sounds simple enough, but hardships, trauma, emotional pain and deep suffering often rob us of our willingness to do them. If we have needed love, but were abused, lacking a loving understanding parent, for example, we may then assume we are unlovable, and unworthy to see, feel, think, or choose. If we were abused, we then will see ourselves through the eyes of our abuser and the world and refuse to see our sacredness. If we feel unworthy to see correctly, then we certainly cannot feel correctly, or think or choose as well. The breakdown goes up the chain of functions and we are cut off from ourselves and our way of travel and navigation to where God wants us to be.

Finding Your God Given Purpose Understanding Spiritual Paralysis

The first four activities are mechanical in nature, much like a cat being fascinated by the movement of a small insect and excitedly wanting to capture it in her paws. Imagine that same cat being ashamed to act upon her instinct and not be a natural cat. That would be heartbreaking. It happens in animal abuse, and sadly it happens often in people who never get the help to recover. Traumatized persons then live by their minds trying to understand their way to completeness, mistrusting everything holding good possibility for them, and avoiding it to remain safe in hardship. Living in our mind in mistrust is spiritual death.

Finding Your God Given Purpose Is Discovering How God Specially Designed You

The last three activities are all highly spiritual and only usable when we trust and have faith in life. If we are using the first four, then our heart will become alive and we will go further to imagine/dream our passions, act on and build our passions, and share and celebrate our passions with the world. The spiritual path to finding our God given purpose lies in doing those seven things as effectively as we can. There is no other source for our happiness outside of ourselves, that can take us there. Birds fly and use their wings; Horses run and use their legs. Humans use their heart to be their fullest selves.

Finding Your God Given Purpose Is To Look Outward Thru Your Heart, Not Your Mind 

If we are looking for God in some glass cathedral or massive church somewhere in Northern Europe with a bunch of statues, we are looking in the wrong place. In this case He is within our heart already. He has always been there in the form of our passion for piano, cooking, research, engineering, living in Alaska, or whatever else it may be. Our minds are only a tool of our heart, not the other way around. Now we know how to find our God given purpose by looking within, and the seven activities we will use on the path to it. It is now time to begin our exciting journey home!

Talking about God may not be worship of God, learning about the Bible may not be worship of God. Being our best highest character selves is always glorifying and worship of God.

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