Who I Am In Christ What You May Not Know About You

Who you are in Christ is a valuable contribution to Humankind. Emotional confusion and even depression always originates with believing lies about ourselves. We can lose our sense of self, the one God intended for us to find and become.  Our horrific early life experiences can be very misleading about who and what we truly are.  Moreover, those same negative experiences can mislead us into believing we are far, far less in value and capability than is true, and much less beautiful and significant than our actual achievable status.  The effect of these life caused misperceptions is a discouragement to us from becoming what God intends us to become before we get there.  The source of these misleading life induced tragedies is our mythical Satan, the Accuser. 

It is in our gender nature that all men need to believe they are manly, warriors, and capable champions, and all women need to believe they are beautiful princesses and highly prized as wives and mothers.   The deep inner desire to feel we are royalty in our own kingdom is a natural and healthy desire for all of us in humankind. It is not a general rule, it is a universal rule. Moreover, it is a desire that was put there by God as part of our template of which God desires us to become.

Who I Am In Christ And The Emptiness Obstacle With A Purpose

So, if that is the case, then why did all these things bad happen and why have we experienced so much failure and loss? Why are we feeling overwhelmed and having no enthusiasm? How can we overcome these things which are much greater than our own selves? This is the question we are going to answer in full right now. The emptiness was given to us so we could have the sense of success and pride in overcoming it. A sense of success comes from overcoming something and growing from achieving it.

Who I Am In Christ Is Being A Full Package, Self, Life Plan And Purpose

When you came into this world, you did not come as just a person, born into a living situation, needful, and with nothing else about you but you. The truth is the ‘you’ that you see, is far more complex than just a person living in a setting somewhere in a random floating sea of disconnected circumstances. That is what jellyfish are in the ocean. You are far greater than any life of depravity, depression, anxiety, or stress because you came here with a gift to give life and a plan for delivering it over your lifetime. You are more than a person, your life plan is also part of you, as is your gifts, talents and life path and settings which you are to occupy and in which you will share with those who will need your presence in their lives. You will learn from and be nurtured by those before you and you will be a teacher and nurturer to those after you. This receiving and giving is your thread in Humankind’s eternal tapestry, and only you can do it with the color thread that only your presence can create in it for all posterity.

Who I Am In Christ What Should Have Been In Our Childhood

In our childhood we should have experienced worship in our presence, which is what parents do, and parenting is. When we receive that, we copy them, and we learn to worship ourselves and embrace our own significance. In our growing up we learn our boundaries through discipline. We learn our public roles, which are the sides of us we have in common with all others so we can interact and contribute as a citizen in society. We also learn our private roles, through a worship of our differentness, strengths, and talents through mirroring of our caregivers to us. We learn both our commonness through instruction and our sacred gifts through mirroring. The important point here is that a plumber attaining the incorrect status of life as a president of a company cannot attain his full potential, because he would have been happiest as a plumber. The plumber, God, and humankind all will not be fully happy, with the plumber not being what the plumber wanted to become. It is a tragedy when someone dies; It is a greater tragedy when someone never became what they should have become.

Who I Am In Christ Learning Again about Our Imagination

When we were young children we pretended, we played, and we imagined. Imagination was a large part of our conscious daily mental activity as a child. It is an important part of how we learn things. We learn things about the world by studying and copying, and we learn things about our own specific life’s plan by imagining. Later on, as older teens and adults we were made to believe by Satan that our imagination and pretending activities were only a form of denial and escape from reality, and thusly we felt a discouragement from using it and living in it. The truth is the only way to reconnect with your intended life path and destiny, is to go back and start pretending, dreaming, and imagining again just as you were a child. Focus on the things you wanted others to know and respect about you, and imagine them doing it, even imagining those new friends in your future you have not met yet.

Who I Am In Christ Reconnecting With God’s Plan For Your Plan

Clinically and spiritually what you are doing is exercising your imagination, which is a spiritual skill and the form of strongest prayer. When you do that, you are not only talking to God, but you are also talking to your inner wonderchild self. That is because his or her strongest energy is in their imagination as well. Therefore, recognize and affirm that God sent you here with a plan for you, and that plan is found when you go into your dreams, pretending, and imagination. Embrace and claim your path, and over time the obstacles to that plan and roadblocks in that path will one by one be overcome. God wants your thread sewn into the beautiful tapestry of humankind. You are included in the celebration of life; you are invited as a special guest to Life’s Prom. With God, all of us are Prom Kings and Queens.

The One Who Best Serves God Is The One Who Is Doing What Truly Makes Them The Happiest.

Talking about God may not be worship of God, learning about the Bible may not be worship of God. Being our best highest character selves is always glorifying and worship of God.

The Greatest Gift One Can Give Another Is To see Things Through Their Eyes And Walk In Their World With Them. We Wish To Carry Your Burdens With You. Please Share Your Heart With Us.

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