Finding Your God Given Purpose Means First Finding Yourself

If you are searching to find your God given purpose, we suggest looking first at aspects of who you are, in other words, look closely at the one who is looking. What kind of person are you, even deeper than your talents and interests, who is the person underneath all that? The reason we bring this up to find our God given purpose, we need to make sure we have our sense of self found first. You cannot put a ship in the water to sail on a long ocean voyage anywhere until the hull is complete. We must make sure the ship is complete before we work on finding out where it is designed to go in the vast ocean of life. In finding your God given purpose, look closely at yourself, the person who is searching for it. If we do not know who we are, regarding our own role in the world of Humankind, we cannot find the best fit for us in how to get there and function doing it. Having an accurate ‘sense of self’ is always the starting point of what our God given purpose might be. We need to know who will be the one doing our God given purpose, so we can more easily find it. Sound complicated? Not really.

Finding Your God Given Purpose Only The Highest Character Persons Seek It

One strong indicator to who you are is you are looking to find your God given purpose. That tells us a lot about you already. Average people care little about a good fit for themselves other than what might make them the most income for their vocational skill set. Deeper spiritual people are more concerned about their long-term positive influence on Humankind. We are much more about what permanent good we leave behind after we are gone. Only the highest character nurturing persons like you think along those lines. That already tells us something. Asking if you have a purpose proves you have a high purpose. The more we discover about the one who is looking tells us much about the path they are seeking to find. God places inside those with the greatest contribution to bring into Humankind a strong desire to find the best place into which to bring it. If you are seeking to find your God given purpose it tells us, you have much to offer Humankind once you find it. The amount of good potential in you is packaged in a concern to become the best person you can be to get it there.

Finding Your God Given Purpose Concern Shows You Have An Important Purpose To Find

So far, we find two characteristics of you that comprise your sense of self. You are strong in character and there is a great chance you have more than you think to offer Humankind. Strong nurturers and those who greatly desire to improve life for others often have the greatest concern to find the best place in life to do those things. These tendencies are not just for females only, very masculine men often strongly possess those same tendencies as well. The more we discover about our inner ourselves, the more we learn about the direction our path in life is pointing. God puts His greatest good in those who will be most diligent in seeing it is fully delivered to the neediest.

Finding Your God Given Purpose Discovering Your Life’s Structure

Let us look at one last place to better see ourselves: When you were a child, and you were playing with others and playing with your toys, what activities were you pretending to do? What you enjoyed doing with your toys as a child, you will find yourself doing in some form as an adult in your profession or your passionate hobby. When you were in school, what were the subjects and activities that you enjoyed the most? For many gifted and spiritual people, their answer is they enjoyed many subjects at different times and that answer is confusing. They pretty much enjoyed everything. That also tells us something about you in that you are a compassionate person that sees beauty in all life, as I do. That is another valuable insight. Do not let the fact that no particular interest stands out to you, and you liked everything confuse you. God is not going to let that genuine characteristic He put in you blind your search. God will help you with His guiding hand beyond that obstacle of liking everything. On this matter faith in God is needed. That shows you are a sensitive thinker with unusually deep spirituality. God will guide you to find the right setting in the right season or era of your life.

Finding Your God Given Purpose You Are Not In this Alone

Now that we know more about us, it is time to look at our talents, interests and skills we would love to develop. Start looking outward into our world and see if there are any situations that mirror back to us what we would love to do the rest of our life. Some will stand out to us and others we will recognize as not as good a fit. Look at the station in life God has placed us. God will have placed us in a position where what will make us happiest will be within reach. Let our heart be our guide. In the world of spirituality where we find our deepest happiness, do not try to understand our way to completeness. At some point we must start to trust our way to completeness in faith. Our heart, faith and trust in God and Life will finish what our mind and emotions have started. Always remember, God made you a gift to Humankind, and He wants His gift delivered to those whom He has sent it. God wants you delivered to those who need you as much as you want to find them.

Talking about God may not be worship of God, learning about the Bible may not be worship of God. Being our best highest character selves is always glorifying and worship of God.

The Greatest Gift One Can Give Another Is To see Things Through Their Eyes And Walk In Their World With Them. We Wish To Carry Your Burdens With You. Please Share Your Heart With Us.

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