Finding My Purpose In God May Involve Looking Outside Religion

Finding my purpose in God as an inquiry shows increasing awareness of, we are more than a just a physical person. We are realizing we also are part of a plan to bring good into Humankind. That is what us humans do. Our life plan is part of us, if we can find it, which consists of, what we are set up to do, where we are to go, be, and perform. The ‘what we are to perform’ part is what concerns us, which is the finding my purpose in God part we will talk about here. When we ask about what is our purpose in God, we must realize serving God may not be in the context of any organized religion. Serving God by finding our purpose may not be in any religious setting whatsoever. The scope of needs in making Humankind complete are always based on love and nurturing, but the activities and channels to share this love and nurturing back into Humankind are so vast they cannot be described even generally. 

Finding My Purpose In God Consider What You Love To Do

To find how you are to serve God, or as we refer to that behavior here, serving Humankind, you need to look at what your passions and talents are, and your viewpoint on life is, to get some ideas. Most of us think that finding our purpose in God requires study of God from a religious context and get our insight from some sacred script or religious artifact like the Bible or Koran. That may be true, but only if God were to call you into being in the ministry of some organized religion as your life’s work. That is the simple answer that fits a microscopic number of people. In that case you would feel called, your family or spouse would have readily available resources to send you to seminary so you could become qualified to serve in your chosen profession. Those in the ministry think they are the only ones serving God and all others are sinners and lost. That is them, and most likely that is not you.

Finding My Purpose In God Religion Cannot Tell You About You

In the big picture, Humankind needs far more than religious evangelism to make life happen, religious evangelism is only one of a billion elements that make the world go round. In the overall scheme of things your unique talent and your passion and your viewpoint on how to share it are just as important to make Humankind complete as the office of the Pope or the United States President are. All this is to emphasize the point of looking wider and beyond religion to give you your answer. If religion as a career does not fit you like a pair of shoes, then we need to look at your emotional and spiritual feet to find what size emotional and spiritual shoes fit them. Again, all religions claim God is found only in their religion and you need them to reach God.  Thusly you must need God and religion to find your purpose in God. We believe God can be found in areas far outside of religion in Humankind everywhere. The place for our needed answer is within the individual ourselves, that is, you. To find that which is without, in this case your purpose and your role somewhere in which to play it, we need to look deeply within.

Finding My Purpose In God You Are Created To Help Make Humankind Complete

Now you are beginning to realize you are on a spiritual journey God sent you on since your creation as a soul. We were all sent here to be served, and discover, then to serve, and help others discover the same. In the process we will leave behind permanently our contribution in Humankind making it better for those who follow so they have it easier than we had it. Examples of this are fire, forging steel, language, the printing press, railroads, electricity, automobiles, organization of government, military, aviation, the telephone, computer, medical research, and the list goes on forever. All of this happened because of individuation of souls into themselves, discovering their talents in passions in what they loved to do and having a gift for doing. By immersing their lives into looking inward into what they loved, they found their passions, and in so doing that, they did find their purpose in God outwardly.

Finding My Purpose In God The Road Has Signposts

Finding your purpose in God must begin upstream by looking again at your past life to help find that purpose. Sound confusing? We will unconfuse it for you. As mentioned earlier, there is more to us than just us as a person, because along with us the person is what adorns us as well. Just as we have a physical body adorned with clothing physically, we have adornments spiritually. These adornments are our life path, which is filled with well-organized experiences which will grow us spiritually if we interpret them correctly. Both good times and bad times have lessons in them meant only for us to enjoy and from which to learn. So, to understand our life path to find our purpose in God is a matter of looking at two things correctly:

First is reexamining the life path we have already lived to see what it may tell us about what our purpose in God might be. There is always a theme in our childhoods and past years if you look for it. After much reflection, reduce what was missing in your earlier years to one sentence. It will be something like, ‘I wanted,’ ‘I needed,’ or, ‘I loved.’ Look at your past life differently if you see it as a failure and your difficulties were all your fault. That is not the correct perspective. God arranges our life path not as a stadium where our failures are showcased and nothing good has happened. God arranges our life path intended to teach us something good about ourselves. Yes, your past failures and the things you missed and needed were by God’s design to showcase a strength for you to develop and share with others.

Finding My Purpose In God See Your Own Depth As A Person

Now is the time to look at the second thing. In looking at your past life path, where with much reflection, you will find a theme consistent throughout all its failures and deprivation and look at what does it all tell you about who and what you are as a person. Simple and shallow low character people do not have deep spiritual needs like finding what their purpose in life and God and Humankind is. That tells us you are in the top one percent of Humankind in being gifted. Do not be confused about your confusion. Low level intelligence and low character people do not experience stress emotionally. Only those who are deep in character, capable of great growth have trouble understanding difficult spiritual things. Most people do not care, so nothing bothers them. They do not want to achieve anything for themselves or anyone else for that matter. If something bothers you it shows you care deeply about higher order things. The fact you are searching for your God given purpose is proof positive you have an important one.

Finding My Purpose In God You Are Unique

Our physical bodies wear clothes, our life paths wear growing experiences from which we will learn our soul lessons to make us complete. When we are complete, we will find our purpose in God by doing, being, or loving something. Everyone who has ever contributed to Humankind did so by focusing on themselves within. That means they focused on themselves in their world. Picasso loved to paint, Fred Astaire loved to dance, Henry Ford loved industry and building cars. The scale does not matter, because the most important role is that of mothering, fathering, and friendship to a neighbor. Look at any similar example and follow it for yourself. Who was your role model, hero, or favorite adult, real or imagined? Everyone has a unique outlook on the world, and this is the final key to what you are called to do. I love to research things and explain things to others and uplift them. That is called nurturing. Your unique outlook might be a passion for building, growing stuff or designing things. It might be in creating in a medium, such as wood or steel. It might be in study of a past era like the Victorian times or collecting antiques such as silver, pewter, or fine China.

Finding My Purpose In God The Role Of Faith

Men’s passions usually center or doing, building, or collecting stuff. Women’s passions usually center on living in a setting like a home where they can love a husband and raise children or animals. If you dream of functioning in a setting, I guarantee there is a person out there that would love to provide for you the setting for which you dream. You do not need to provide the setting yourself; it already exists or there is someone who will do it for you because they need you as much as you need them, guaranteed. The last tool missing in finding your purpose in God is looking with faith in your heart to find it. Your faith will over time, lead you to it.

Talking about God may not be worship of God, learning about the Bible may not be worship of God. Being our best highest character selves is always glorifying and worship of God.

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