Words Of Encouragement For Life New Age Christianity Style

Words of encouragement for life are needed when there is a lack of understanding about our spiritual side. Do not worry, we are not trying to sell you anything or convert you to any religious organization. For the record, we feel that all religions are true because the religion must fit the believer, and not the other way around. New Age Christianity is a religion that focuses on the importance of the searcher, the believer, and their needs and not solely on the deity of God. If we serve the believer, we serve and glorify God.

That is where you, the main actor come in. Okay, that is your cue, now it is time to gracefully enter center stage because you are the star, the hero of this performance. The rose-colored spotlight is on you! Whether you know it or not, you are a star and a hero in your own life. We may not feel it yet if we need encouragement but like with any Broadway production it is not just about the individual person, there are a lot of background support elements that come with them in every production.

Words Of Encouragement For Life Recognize Your Eternal Side

You are not just a person alone. Before you were born you were thought of by God. While He, or Universal Mind, if you prefer, was thinking about you, your creator also thought up a whole bunch of stuff to go along with you. Those things were your life path, parenting, loved ones, significant friendships, settings for you to live in and more. God also thought up your internal things like what talents and interests to give you, what schooling and learning to give you. God also thought up what spiritual lessons you may need to learn, and what opportunities you would need to find. Then He thought up how to start things off with, what childhood to give you and what emotional obstacles to give you.

Words Of Encouragement For Life You Are A Valuable Investment Of God, Like Gold

The point is you are part of something bigger than yourself, and your presence in it will make it complete! You may not feel like that now, but you are a necessary part of Humankind. There are two things I can promise you:
First, nothing in your life has to do with punishment, unless you caused intentional pain to someone or caused something good not to happen. That is a universal spiritual truth.
Second, Everything in your life has a purpose, every event, setting and person you have ever known, and you have experienced or met has a blessed teaching in it for you. Everything and everyone. Everything you have ever seen, done, been or felt has a lesson, an insight, a wisdom for you to learn from and enjoy as wisdom.

Words Of Encouragement For Life Why Understanding Alone Does Not Always Work

So far this has all been pretty general and not much help for encouragement so now we will get a little more specific. Obviously, we have tried to understand things to change them for the better, and our ability to understand our life has left us overwhelmed and very discouraged. Logic, reasoning, and our intelligence are spiritually line-of-sight weapons or tools that only work in close quarters spiritual warfare engagements such as day-to-day.

What we need are a weapon, if you call it that, more effective in the scale of spiritual effort we are involved. There is a source of information accessed not through our external senses that can get us the insight we need for encouragement also insight as to what direction we should go. This source of information is internal, that is within us already that we obviously have not used much.

Words Of Encouragement For Life It Is Time To Start Looking Internally For Your Wisdom

Your conscious mind is not always in touch with your life path you are to live out we talked about earlier, but there is a source of insight within you that is. This source is your heart. It is always in touch with your past origins, your future destiny, and readily recognizes all the true landmarks along the way to get there. It readily sees through the deepest dark night, the thickest fog, and the wall of hopelessness we can experience. The best way to describe this I have found is that when you come out of blindness into the daylight, you will be exactly where you were wanting to go, and all your new family in Humankind will be there waiting!

What we cannot do entirely by understanding, we can do and complete this journey by trusting. Christianity tells us to trust in God. We say trust in God, who is found within your heart. The spiritual reason we were given a need for encouragement and not letting our understanding help us is to show us the spiritual asset of our heart, because now we need it. You are deeper than living by understanding alone, and that is what God is trying to teach you!

Words Of Encouragement For Life Let Your Deep Feelings Return

Most of us needing encouragement for our lives have been deeply hurt, disillusioned and disappointed by something or someone in earlier eras. The natural healthy response for any of us to do is turn off our feelings and numb them, the internal feelings that is. Numbing our deep feelings giving up on our hopes and dreams for ourselves is good for surviving bad times. However, when the storm is over and the spiritual sun is coming out, it is now time to come out and play and resume our pursuit of our dreams again.

If you are seeking encouragement for your life, it tells me the bad era of negative events is closing. No bad era lasts longer once the spiritual lessons we are to learn from it are gained. Your life path is made up of seasons and eras, and once wisdom is gained from each setting, they pass away. So, too do relationships, once the good has been realized, they pass on. The best way to honor a loved relationship is to share and be what that relationship gave you. If it was a bad relationship or setting, focus on learning the lesson it will show to you and it too will leave. By again feeling your desire to do what you wanted to do or be as a kid, it will reopen the path to get there. Walk where your newly opened path leads.

Talking about God may not be worship of God, learning about the Bible may not be worship of God. Being our best highest character selves is always glorifying and worship of God.

The Greatest Gift One Can Give Another Is To see Things Through Their Eyes And Walk In Their World With Them. We Wish To Carry Your Burdens With You. Please Share Your Heart With Us.

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Just for the record, this is an emotional and spiritual encouragement ministry. We are selling nothing here and are not at the present time even set up to take donations, and probably never will. Your healed life are our reward enough, and we are very pleased with that. If you want to, please share your strength with others in your future so our nurturing can live on.