Words Of Encouragement For Anxiety God Wants To Help You Overcome It

Anxiety can be a very debilitating condition. For those of us who have experienced it we know it can be as crippling as any physical defect or injury. Our offering to help with your anxiety is encouragement to build your spirit. In the case that your anxiety is because of an incorrect concept of who you are spiritually, this may be of great help. We do not come into this world, just a random person born into a sea of chaos and settings with no purpose or potential to do good. We were sent here by God as a gift to Humankind that only our unique personality can provide. We each are a unique blessing to others in these settings we occupy. We were also sent into Humankind with Humankind also being a gift back to us for us to immerse ourselves into and enjoy in all its forms. Both you and Humankind will be greatly benefited by your immersion into it.

Words Of Encouragement For Anxiety Learning How Anxiety Is Caused

There are, however, things we can experience in life that can cause us great stress, mistrust, and even great fear. That to us is anxiety. When we associate any event or setting with ‘something bad can happen from this,’ that is anxiety’s mechanism. If for instance we experience paralyzing anxiety when we are around people, that can be based on a fear of rejection. Having an extremely low self esteem can tell us we are unworthy of many life enhancing events that can help us, and that can cause life paralyzing consequences. Extreme anxiety can also be caused by fear of certain precise situations such as fear of flying, falling, close quarters, new situations, among others. Any fears you may have are important and not to be taken lightly. Your condition of general anxiety that is causing life diminishing effects in your world is important, because you are important and your participation matters in life’s plan. Your contribution to society is important as is your right to enjoy an anxiety free life where you can participate fully to your heart’s content.

Words Of Encouragement For Anxiety Trust Overcomes Incorrect Concepts

Trust is a strong emotional medication to treat anxiety. For it to work effectively we must learn the exact scenario in which you see things to best apply it. For instance, if your anxiety is in being alone and loneliness, then we must find out what your incorrect concept is that you must not be alone to prevent experiencing it. If you incorrectly believe isolation is cutting you off from life and you are missing out on something socially needed, like losing friends, that makes an incorrect scenario that is fueling that specific anxiety. Somewhere in your mind is an incorrect concept about either yourself, your settings, Humankind or God that will manifest as life damaging anxiety. Somewhere in our past we have gotten ideas of lack of our beauty, our presence is not desirable to others, or we are not socially enjoyable, or our personality is not valuable, or welcome.

Such negative concepts are all wrong, put there incorrectly. When we experience many daily life situations publicly and privately with these incorrect concepts of things, anxiety in all its forms will happen. If we find the good truth about life and us relevant to that situation, the anxiety will disappear. It is much like a fish experiencing anxiety over being in the water. The solution is in seeing the good in yourself and life, coupled with finding the right setting in which you are to grow and bloom like a flower. Anxiety originates from you being in the wrong setting and believing you are not worthy to find your right setting where you can be appreciated, pure and simple. Everyone has a movie to be in, and where they are their own star. Give yourself permission to go and find your movie where you can be fully yourself and be loved.

Words Of Encouragement For Anxiety Your Spiritual Stature Is Great

Better understanding yourself and your feelings, and how you see things in your world, is the answer to the strong anxiety that is your obstacle. Oftentimes God will send us into a situation that is greater than ourselves not to punish us, or as evidence that we are flawed, but because He wants to grow us stronger. Everything that happens in our lives, including anxiety, serves us somehow, or help us grow stronger from it to serve others weaker than us. Those others may need you and your strength and wisdom from lessons learned because they may not have made it without your example. Look back at those in your life that have loved you and shared their lives as examples to guide and inspire you. Now you are being prepared to be a beacon of hope and an example to help others after you make it. All of us are important leaders and guides to some other persons in some settings somewhere. By taking yourself seriously and respecting yourself as one of God’s masterpieces, you are making God even more proud of His craftsmanship, not by what you do, but by just being who you are!

Talking about God may not be worship of God, learning about the Bible may not be worship of God. Being our best highest character selves is always glorifying and worship of God.

The Greatest Gift One Can Give Another Is To see Things Through Their Eyes And Walk In Their World With Them. We Wish To Carry Your Burdens With You. Please Share Your Heart With Us.

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