Age Of The Common Man Our Country’s Values As Stated In The Constitution

If you are one of the working class, and your parents were carpenters, waitresses in a cafe, laundry workers or janitors, be proud of them, yourself and your heritage. For from such was our greatest country on earth formed, an will always be the greatest, because of your contributions!

As originally drafted, our country’s constitution stated specifically our government’s purpose was to preserve and support life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This strongly supports our focus should be on ourselves and our developing our gifts and talents with which we are all naturally born. Selfish inner focus is indeed healthy, and beneficial to all humankind at every level, those levels being ourselves, our families, community, and Humankind overall. The general accusation of Christianity that selfishness is evil, and we are to deny ourselves and serve God by doing so is in great error. The age of government as the source of order and Humankind advancement is over. Medieval society in northern Europe might have been improved by strong government and religion as part of the government to keep unruly and uneducated peasants in order. But the age of the common man’s time has come, with education, literacy, prosperity, independence, and longer life span.

Age Of The Common Man The Original Perspective Was Community, Government and Religion

Before America and the Constitution, in medieval times the world was isolated and Humankind’s only communication with itself was through government and strong religion, and it dictated society as it saw fit. Literacy was kept low and as much control on the common man was exercised as possible. Government and religion told the common man how to see everything, strongly dictating the need to conform to survive. Government did this through laws, and religion did this through brainwashing, teaching values that discouraged selfishness and individual introspection. The new country, the United States of America changed all of that. Its founders saw that a new country, based on selfish freedoms, would allow its citizens to expand themselves, develop their gifts and talents and contribute them back into their community. This new mechanism of freedom to self-expand as an individual would free up spiritual resources in Humankind and develop society to new levels never seen before in all of history.

Age Of The Common Man The Transition Of Perspective To Personal Prosperity and Freedom

Over the last two hundred and fifty years we have done just that. The development of oil, invention of the automobile, the elevator and the traffic light making dense population in big cities possible, creation of big machines by the steel industry, and lastly the ability to fly, communicate have all come from individuals following their dreams and talents within. When one develops themselves to the highest level they can, all Humankind benefits. It is not either or, (either deny yourself and serve God, or expand yourself and deny God), it is both-and. It is to expand yourself and benefit Humankind and serve God by doing so at the same time.

Just as our land has natural resources, so too do our people have natural resources, in the form of dreams and talents. They are in all the undiscovered, unexplored, and underutilized gifts, talents, and skills within everyone.  We mine resources out of the land, air, and sunlight by discovering them first. So too we can mine the human resources by first discovering our talents, interests and gifts God has placed within each of us. To do that we must look at our dreams as the door to within. We in America have discovered these natural resources by recognition of our person-hood, the good within. We do this not by suppressing it as sin and judgement by religion. Religion tells you that you are a mistake, I am telling you that you are a welcome and needed gift. Do not alter yourself to make a church organization like you. You do not need their approval; you only need your own self-acceptance. Self-acceptance is the nutrient for your inner potential to emerge.

What is the first step in all of this? By encouraging ourselves to focus on our dreams, which is the gate to all the good that is within any of us. Dreams are in our heart, and that is where God has placed the greatest potential for ourselves, our community and for Humankind. The Christian general rule of denying yourself is probably the most damaging rule ever to poison Humankind.

Age Of The Common Man The Important Perspective Of Exploration Of Our Self

We need to teach ourselves and our children to not only look out the window of our bedrooms at the great big world out there, wondering what our lives and our future will be and how we can make it. But also, we need to teach them to look within themselves, what we find within which is our contribution to Humankind as well. Denying yourself is bad, seeing yourself as sin is bad. We are all gifts to someone and to something. We are all an answer and a source of good to some need Humankind has.  Christianity teaches you that you are bad because then you need the church. You do not need the church; you need yourself and what your life path is within you. All that is already packaged inside in one complete gift to Humankind which you already are. The maturing process will take a lifetime, your lifetime, and you will bloom into the most beautiful complete flower in the colorful garden of Humankind.

Age Of The Common Man The Repeat Of Cycle The Contribution of Our Expanded Self Back to Humankind

Each of us are our own personal, our family’s, our community’s, and our country’s greatest natural resource, and it is Humankind’s greatest natural resource as well. In the end we will realize the emphasis of community and ourselves is all the same, it is not either-or, it is both-and. What we do to bring out our greatest selves, will reveal the gold mine of potential within each of us which will contribute to and expand humankind even more!

Talking about God may not be worship of God, learning about the Bible may not be worship of God. Being our best highest character selves is always glorifying and worship of God.

The Greatest Gift One Can Give Another Is To see Things Through Their Eyes And Walk In Their World With Them. We Wish To Carry Your Burdens With You. Please Share Your Heart With Us.

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