Words Of Encouragement For Christians You Are Important To Those Who Need You

If you have noticed that society is getting worse and the community behavior of everyone is getting more inconsiderate, you are definitely not alone. It was not long ago that the general character of others was good and tolerable. Today many in society have noticed and been affected by the loss of character in most of the public. Especially noticeable are in the areas of employment and positions of service to others and in all relationships in general. It is not just in the non-religious community, but in the rank and file of those attending and managing churches also. In fact, that is where some of the worst bad behavior is being done to and noticed by the common man. I have personally experienced this in Aurora, Colorado where Lori and I have lived for three decades.

Words Of Encouragement For Christians When Our Difference Is More Noticeable

We all want to be a testimony for our faith and lead others by example to Christ, but with this new world presented to us in America, this presents some increasing difficulties. In the Bible where Abraham, Lot and his family lived in Sodom and Gomorrah, two sinful cities where they themselves were righteous, we can now experience what they felt like as we face the same problems of our dissimilar behavior. To begin, all our faith and Christian activity is based on relationships which are deep and long lasting. We live our lives in an environment of close interaction and deep trust. We choose our places of employment, where we live, shop, and our relationships of deep commitment based on these expected values, especially in the areas of friendship and family of choice, as in marriage. So, how do we do this in a world that is increasingly reptilian?

Words Of Encouragement For Christians Being Our True Selves To Be The Light

The Bible tells us generally all through it that ‘we are in this world, but we are not of this world.’ For an increasing number of us, this alienation is increasing. If we are a new creation in Christ, then we now have God within. That should be a source of a new outlook which can help us. We can now look at our life from our new perspective. Our faith is in our connection to the good potential within each of us, placed there by God. The problem of being different is part of the answer for which we are looking. If the problem is the world is becoming more reptilian and we are an increasingly smaller population of high character, deeply spiritual people, then it would mean that our difference, our character, and moral integrity will become more visible. This will not be seen by the reptilians but will be highly noticeable by the lost sheep looking for a better way.

Words Of Encouragement For Christians Seeing Our Role In God’s Plan

Our very different nature has a purpose, an important one! Our visibility will be an irritant to the reptilians, but there is another group of people for which our very presence and existence was meant to be seen. And that is the others like us or those who are lost and whose inner being is to become like us. Not all reptilian acting persons are reptilian in their inner beings. Some are the lost who, if given a different setting, would readily become like us. In other words, they would revert to becoming their true inner nature like us if given the opportunity over time. Those are the ones who fit the lost sheep description mentioned in the Bible. We are the very hands of the Shepherd that left the ninety-nine to look for the one who was lost.

Words Of Encouragement For Christians You Are God’s Best

It is even mentioned in the Bible, ‘the harvest is great, but the workers are few’. This has always been the case but is just more obvious in our present day. In God’s recruitment of His workers, would He not employ His best troops for the most difficult missions and stations in life to do that mission? You are God’s best. If you think that because your station in life is disadvantaged, and those people and settings you have been given charge over are difficult, and because of that you are not doing anything important, that is a misconception. Satan, the source of that misconception has the intention of discouraging you from completing it successfully. Those supposedly menial and insignificant persons who need you are God’s most important loved ones of all, and He has chosen you for the honor of their care. That is why God placed you in their proximity.

Words Of Encouragement For Christians Your Efforts Will Be Visible As A Thank You From God

For those of us who have the stations in life now requiring the most work and service to others, I believe that these same people will be receiving high status in the next life. All God’s word pretty much backs that up. We servants do not feel comfortable unless we are serving, that is just who we are. Attaining status in the next life will not be one where we will be served like we might imagine here. I feel it will be different, for there our gifts will still be needed, but there, our enjoyment in giving and caring for others will be much more so. Moreover, there will be no exhaustion in doing so, as it is here.

When we get there, we will be able to see all the results of those whom we have served, and those who could not speak for themselves will at last be able to say, “Thank you for all you have done. Because of your love for me, I made it.”

Talking about God may not be worship of God, learning about the Bible may not be worship of God. Being our best highest character selves is always glorifying and worship of God.

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