What Is The Right Religion For Us To Grow Spiritually

What is the right religion is asked by many spiritually awakening people. As we become aware of our spirituality, we naturally become full of questions. These questions arise out of wonderment in our hearts as we begin feeling fascination with life and creation itself, and we want to know our role in it all. At some point in our lives, we develop a need to know not only what spiritually is out there, but also who exactly we are, and what our place is in all of this. For some of us it began early in life as children when we discovered our passion for learning in general. For others this question may have entered our minds in adulthood as we matured out of life-damaging behaviors we committed. We changed, realizing it is no longer who we are to hurt others. We wanted to change our lives and amount to something positive. We wanted to pay back comfort to others for the pains we inflicted in earlier years. 

What Is The Right Religion No Denomination Can Tell You About You

Our natural tendency is to look to religion for these answers since it claims to know and explain everything about spirituality. All religions claim that you are incomplete and wrong without them, they can make you right if you follow them by immersion in their lifestyle which will make you right with God. They all claim to be the doorway between your sinful incomplete self and God and His completeness if you accept their very low definition of you as a sinner. Moreover, your relationship with God must happen in a church or religious setting outside of regular daily life and nothing you do in life is worship of God, only what you do in church. To worship God, you must continually speak about Him, sing songs about Him, and give Him all praise and you get no credit for anything. There is something missing in all of that.

What Is The Right Religion Is More Than Theological Correctness To Find God

There is something else not quite right in this mindset also, which is the underlying implication that you can understand your way to completeness. When we are searching for what is the right religion because we are spiritually awakening, we want answers. We first try to get those answers with our minds, which is natural since it is our curiosity we want to satisfy. That is where our quest goes wrong, and this error is what all religious organizations capitalize on to lead you down the wrong intellectual road on purpose. All religious institutions make their cases on reasoning and arguments based on their teachings, promoting the ‘understanding your way to completeness’ approach to your answer. That is a poisoning assumption to make because the foundation is there is only one right way, God’s way, and all other ways are wrong. This further empowers all religions because now it is up to you to pick the right religion. If you misjudge and make a mistake, the consequences are horrific and eternal. They all promote that knowing the right religion is the only way to spiritual completeness. Now they have you hooked. So, what is the answer?

What Is The Right Religion Should Recognize Your Significance

Let us back up to the fork in the road and take a different path. The path we are on of asking what the right religion is, trying to understand our way to completeness with an intellectual universally right one answer may not work. We are looking solely out there into all these religions for our answer of what is the right religion. That in itself is the wrong question in the first place. What we need to know, and what these religious organizations do not want you to realize is, ‘What is the right religion for me’. Their reason is to leave you out of the picture entirely because you are only an audience to them. What they do not want you to know is your significance in all of this.

What Is The Right Religion Finding The Fit

You are a person created by God. Your personhood includes how you see things, and what viewpoints make the most sense to you. These include viewpoints on religion, what your job interests are, what type of community you wish to live in, what kind of or even having a spouse, what hobbies you enjoy and a whole bunch of other stuff that has to fit you uniquely. Religious organizations insisting on you asking, ‘what is the right religion’ is much the same as them making you ask, ‘what is the only correct shoe size’. The answer is of course there is no such thing as a correct shoe size that everyone should be wearing. The truth is the right shoe size is the one that fits you. Everyone is different in shoe size matches, likewise the right religion is the one that best suits your views and answers your inquiries about spirituality best. All religions want to promote ‘knowing the right religion’. What is more important is ‘doing the right thing’, and ‘having the right set of values.’ To contradict that all religions argue that you cannot work your way to Heaven. We disagree, Jesus said so himself with the parable of the Good Samaritan. Deeds trump religious upbringing. What religious philosophy you feel comfortable with subscribing to in learning higher moral standards does not matter.

What Is The Right Religion The One If Any That Fit You

Is it not odd that all religions say they are right, and that all the others are wrong? I have observed those who grow spiritually into the most harmonious people, with the deepest connections to themselves and Humankind are everywhere. Just as many who mature into Humankind serving people do so outside and inside of religious input. People become good and spiritual in both religious and non-religious settings and cultures everywhere. This tells me religious input and religious fit are not necessary to find God. You may be attracted to a certain religious denomination because it fits you, not because it is the only correct religion. All these proponents of religion are not there because it is the only right religion, they are there because it fits them psychologically. That is why there are so many different only right religions in the first place. If they cannot see and respect their own uniqueness as God’s unique creation, how are they going to see and respect your uniqueness?

What Is The Right Religion Any Can Be A Good Match

My theory is that all life enhancing religions are correct because they are life enhancing, not because they are theologically true. Religion is, in that case, only a culture’s version of spirituality. For those with the mental posture that fitting into that religion is a match, then that religion for them is true. They can serve and participate in that religion’s denomination fully and their lives will be fulfilled in doing so. I know many people for whom that model works perfectly.

What Is The Right Religion Is Of The Relationship To Yourself

What about for those who are not drawn to and do not feel comfortable fitting into any religious model? Are they any less moral, spiritual, less close to God for not fitting into any religion? My opinion is they are not less spiritual and farther away from God. We all have a calling to be ourselves which as we become more spiritual, to which we will respond if we are life-enhancing inclined. Religious affiliation may become a part of it, but many find their places in society serving Humankind far outside of any religious setting whatsoever. Some of the most integrated and fully actualized people I have ever known have found their place serving others in roles far outside or any religious settings. Finding and serving God is not found exclusively in any religion, although it can be, it is also in finding and serving who you are as a fully actualized individual human being. Finding the goldmine of good talent that is within you is finding what is the right religion. Whatever religious philosophy brings out your highest moral and spiritual self is the right religion, period.

Talking about God may not be worship of God, learning about the Bible may not be worship of God. Being our best highest character selves is always glorifying and worship of God.

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