What Is New Age Religion When Religions Attract Both Good And Bad Followers

People can be interested in and drawn into religion for a whole spectrum of reasons. Lower order character people will take up a religion for poisoning reasons because they themselves are poisoners. They are attracted to a specific religion, usually Christianity because it offers several benefits that appeal to them. Christianity delivers the elitist status that they naturally have and need because it tells them that they are better than all other people. They need reinforcement that they themselves are the elect, the called, and all outsiders are lost and sinners, even though the others probably possess as much character and virtue as themselves. Those supreme qualities are the end achievements of what a fully actualized complete person should become. Their Christianity diminishes high character of the individual by its argument that ‘good works will not get you into heaven’. All religions in general have this attitude because they promote their religious mentality as more important than the uniqueness of the individual. All religions emphasize conformity to their values above self-expression of your uniqueness.

What Is New Age Religion Acknowledges All Sides Of You

The New Age religion mentality is different, unique to the general posture of all other religions. New Age mentality recognizes you as significant, and all of you is significant, not just the valuable part which is beneficial to whatever religion it is that you are considering joining. All of you means your uniqueness, which is the God given part, you are to spend your entire life perfecting. There is more to ‘all of you’, and that is what we are going to look at in detail here.

What Is New Age Religion Seeking To Serve Higher Order People

Higher order people, those who naturally possess or are seeking higher character for themselves and their families, are drawn into a religion for far different reasons than are lower order, or low character people. Higher order people are drawn into a religion for internal reasons, which is their spiritual growth, which is as it should be. Lower order people of lower character are drawn into a religion for external reasons. These reasons are to be better than others, so they can look down on them and have moral grounds to judge them, demanding conformity from outsiders if they seek entry into their religious circle.

What Is New Age Religion One Garden Where All Flowers Can Bloom

Higher order people are spiritually self-centered, which is again, as it should be. Spiritually self-centered people are about becoming the best at what God wants them to be, by expanding their talents, skills, and showcasing them to Humankind as a gift, the gift God wants them to be. A correctly applied religious philosophy should help them to do that. For a religious view to best benefit the believer, it should fit the believer, like a pair of shoes. Religion should bring out the uniqueness of an individual, by recognizing it as supremely important, and encourage its development. Moreover, religion should recognize all the parts of you to help you understand those parts for yourself, so you can bring out yourself, and bloom like a flower.

What Is New Age Religion A Philosophy Encouraging Of Self

You are more than just a person born into a sea of randomness and occasional chaos. You extend far out into your environment. You cannot see the world the way a religion, any religion tells you how to see it. You were born with a unique natural viewpoint of the world, life, others, and you were predisposed to want to affect the world in some predetermined way. When you let some outside influence, such as religion tell you how to see things, that poisons you.

What Is New Age Religion Self Begins By Seeing

How you see things as a unique individual is part of who you are. That area needs to be recognized by you and that boundary defended. That unique view you have that you were born with is the key to you living your life path the way God intended. Your unique outlook is your roadmap to living your life in your life path. Most denominations of Christianity want to violate your boundary with the false accusation that how you naturally see things is sin and needs to be changed by Christ. That is the permission and argument they give themselves to violate your visionary boundary. The argument against their false accusation is the way you see things was specifically created by Christ for you and needs to be worshiped as part of Christ. In other words, part of Christ is already in you and always was.

What Is New Age Religion Seeing God’s Lessons In Your Life Path

New Age Christianity recognizes all of you that God created, and it includes even more. Your life path is the next part of you we will discuss. It includes your station in life, your relationships, and the settings and experiences you were to have. None of this was unintentional, meaning it all has a purpose. If how you naturally see things is part of you, and your life path is part of you. You are significant, your life path is significant, and should be respected. Your life path was laid out like a highway to serve you. There are valuable lessons of wisdom in it, the smooth prosperous parts, and the rough, bumpy parts.

What Is New Age Religion One That Encourages Learning From Your Life Path

Your life path, part of you should serve you. The past with wisdom from lessons learned, and the future with opportunities for relationships and the chance to leave good in your wake, like a boat. The lessons within it are for only you to see and understand. It is very private, meant only for your understanding. All the lessons are good and beneficial to you. Your life path contains only lessons and wisdom that you specifically needed to learn to become complete. In searching for a religious garment to wear in your life it should fit you comfortably. That means it should fit you and all its teachings should respect how you see things and feel about things. In other words, because your uniqueness is God created, any religious perspective should respect you and encourage your individual efforts.

What Is New Age Religion One That Encourages You To Look Within

Most religions promise that, but they do not deliver, they enslave. New Age perspective does respect the individuality of the person and encourages their expansion of themselves. If you are passionate about all things automotive then you should pursue becoming a mechanic. If you like music, you should pursue entertainment through music. Do you see what we are getting at? Your life in its final reduction is and should be about you. That is what God intended it to be. Religion cannot guide you in matters about you because the church leaders and management do not know you. Only you know you, and any life enhancing religious perspective should encourage self-preeminence as the most important matter of all.

Talking about God may not be worship of God, learning about the Bible may not be worship of God. Being our best highest character selves is always glorifying and worship of God.

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