Major Beliefs Of Christian Religion Demean Non-Believers

Major beliefs of Christian religion reflect western European man’s perception of spirituality. Every culture will view spirituality differently; Nomadic cultures’ religious views are reflected in religions based on nature and ancestor worship because that is where their natural spiritual values would lie. Every society has an awareness of spirituality at some point and need a way to relate to spirituality from which to derive values of morality and deeper life meaning. The obstacle Christianity can become is in the inherent assumption in Christianity that their view is the only right way, and another religious view must therefore be wrong. That is much like assuming that the shoes that fit me are the only right size and style of shoes and they must fit everyone else.

Major Beliefs Of Christian Religion And How Religious Views Work

In looking at the major beliefs of Christian religion we are going to focus on several surrounding aspects of it. To begin with, the Christian religion, and other religions as well are all pretty much based upon on one assumption. That assumption is you recognize a principle, a characteristic, and you attach a personality to it. Then if you worship that personality, it is believed that you will gain that principle as an attribute of yourself. That sounds good in academia but has no relevance in real life.  You can worship God and Jesus all you want, but if you are not taught the high character and high ethics separately all by themselves by role modeling behavior from senior family and community members, your behavior will never change.

Major Beliefs Of Christian Religion Why Their View Of Themselves Is Flawed

If you have noticed the fact that there are many high character and high ethics people in your life history that have never been in a church in their lives, alternatively the churches are full of the most academically achieved professionally proper Christians who have absolutely no character whatsoever, that explains it. A sadly large percentage of Christians are just that; They are the greatest Christians with the highest degrees of religious education, and they all claim to be closest to God but are somehow the worst human beings imaginable.

Major Beliefs Of Christian Religion Teach Incorrectly Character Comes From Religious Teaching Alone

  The only possible explanation for this phenomenon is that character, honor, integrity, and all matters of human virtue must be taught separately. Moreover, it must be taught in our everyday culture, in ways that it applies to all human development, both within the individual themselves and in all community behavior. Just as there are high character non-religious people and settings, there are also high character Christian believers and settings in a few churches as well. The point is they are high character and honorable not because of their doctrines they believe, follow, and teach, it is because the high character attributes are taught alongside their religious teachings. The two are not connected necessarily, unless the leaders and parents associate it with the high character manners in how they live.

Major Beliefs Of Christian Religion Teach Incorrectly All The Outside World Is Sinful

Christianity’s teachings are based on seeing the world in two camps; the saved and the unsaved and lost. The saved are the ones who grew up in the church, were converted and joined the church and are called to go to Heaven. This is proven by their agreement with all the church’s teachings and all the church management’s policies. The unsaved and lost are the ones who are not in the church, do not feel called to join a church and who otherwise see things for themselves and feel no need to have others tell them how to see life or God. Here is where it gets interesting; Christianity teaches that only those within the church body are saved, and by living in the word of the Bible, have been endowed with character, honor, integrity and all the matters of human virtue as listed above. Those outside of that are accused of having no such character, honor, integrity, and all matters of human virtue. No matter how well they understand themselves as individuals and have plugged themselves into their proper role in Humankind and community, they are still accused of being lost, wrong and needing more character. They further exclude outsiders by teaching, ‘good works will not get you into heaven.’

Major Beliefs Of Christian Religion Are To Promote The Religion Itself

This assumption is the foundation for their religion to exist. If God is in the Bible, and you are lost, and without a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, you are going to Hell, then that means you need their church and the religion to go to Heaven. That establishes mandatorily that you need to go to church and comply with their views on anything to be a complete person with a solid spiritual future. Upon that Christian belief foundation then lays the groundwork of you need to see things, life, and yourself through their eyes, and not your own eyes, and a whole bunch of other stuff that violates your personal boundaries as God’s true unique creation.

Major Beliefs Of Christian Religion Ignore All Good People Go To Heaven

What does the Bible say about going to Heaven? It says those who confess Jesus Christ as the son of God will be saved, also no man cometh to the father but by me. Contrast that to what Jesus himself said about being a good person and going to Heaven? The religious expert asked Jesus, “What must I do to have eternal life?” And Jesus told him about the Good Samaritan parable. That shows good deeds represented by character are basis for Heaven. What that tells me is explanation enough of why there are good honorable high character persons living their rightful lives as they should be, and they are nowhere near a church nor are they involved in any Christian religion. Alternatively, there are churches full of the most academically achieved credentialed church leaders who have not a shred of character or honor anywhere in them.

In Summary, If you are drawn to the Christian religion, and perhaps your family’s roots are in it, and if it is truly part of your identity and your future, then by all means pursue your life in that religion’s circles.  But know this, it is not proper for you to be in it by virtue of you doing the only right thing and everyone else is wrong if they do not do it. You are doing the right thing because it fits you. It is a personal fit not a universal one right for everyone.

Talking about God may not be worship of God, learning about the Bible may not be worship of God. Being our best highest character selves is always glorifying and worship of God.

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