Why Are Personal Boundaries Important To Help Us See Ourselves Clearly

Why are personal boundaries important? Understanding our personal boundaries is necessary for us to see clearly who we are, and how we fit into Humankind’s great picture. Unethical religious and political causes benefit by promoting confusion on this matter, overemphasizing uniformity on what are personal and individual issues, they do not want you to understand. Their agenda is not to promote truth, liberating you as a person, but to convince you that their answers fit your questions in your personal world. Those are questions about life in general and categorizing truth correctly as it applies to you and your future.
Unfortunately, it is to those organizations, especially religious organizations which we look to for answers on everything, even for answers to questions about ourselves and finding who we are, for which religious organizations have no qualifications to answer in any way on your personal level. Let us back up and categorize our questions and answers so we can see what we are talking about in an example. Religious and political organizations all promote the belief that all truth is God’s truth, and it never changes, and we must all believe and think alike to be right. That deception sounds good on paper, from the podium and pulpit, but it is not that simple.

Why Are Personal Boundaries Important To See Different Types Of Truth

For one thing they do not want you to understand, is that all truth, and the answers you seek, are not all the same. There is universal truth, such as, it is wrong to kill, steal, fly airplanes into buildings, and hate others. And then there is personal truth that only applies to you as a unique person, which is different, because it only is relevant to you and your life path you alone were meant to find and live out in your destiny. If we are to see the distinction between these two categories of answers, we need to see our boundaries and see how each applies to us, the individual person. Confusion about these two different categories of truth is beneficial to religious and political organizations, and indeed anyone else interested in violating your mind with their values at your great emotional expense. Let us clarify these two categories of truth for you so you can see from which category you are seeking an answer. This involves understanding boundaries, physical but mostly spiritual.

Why Are Personal Boundaries Important To See Yourself As Unique

The biggest difference between these categories of truth and the questions you have in seeking it, is simple. Universal truth and our understanding of it, as it applies to everyone and everything, and it never changes, and we all can agree on it, like two plus two is four in math. Personal truth such as what we seek for ourselves and how we can perceive life and our role in life does change from others because we are different. In other words, truth never changes, but its relationship to us does change and is different for every person on earth. The reason for that is our boundaries, because what was universal, must cross into our world and into our life, and that means it must cross our boundaries, and that changes it. This distinction is very important to embrace because we must acknowledge our significance in Humankind to feel our boundaries. We must also recognize our difference. Our difference is something unique, like our passion for outdoors and loving to raise sled dogs in Alaska. Not only is that a difference, but it is also a difference in how we will see ourselves and which will guide our lives completely. Not everyone is cut out to live in a big city and have a daytime job and go to church every Sunday and be a Joe Homestead.

Why Are Personal Boundaries Important To Differentiate Between Two Sources Of Truth

Taking this view into consideration, then means we have not one but two sources of insight, wisdom, truth, and guidance towards it, instead of one. Outside sources would like you to believe otherwise, which would be of great benefit to them. Religious, academic, and other organizations, and persons promoting their causes would gladly make you believe that the insight you seek is always outside of yourself, and they naturally are the only sources of it. The truth is your answers may be found in venturing out into life, but the path out into life and your role in Humankind is on a treasure map already inside of you. In your personal world, and the personal answers you seek cannot be found outside in sources of universal truth, they can only be found in seeing the universal truth through your eyes only. Look at your life and your desired role in Humankind through your eyes only. Only you know what your passion is, what is your interests, and what lifestyle best fulfills you. Do not believe the lie that everyone should serve God in a church or deeply involved in political and charitable causes. Our lives, and our views and values in finding it, are all as vastly different as each of us are!

Why Are Personal Boundaries Important Because Your Greatest Achievement Lies Within Them

The truth is you will best serve God by being yourself and finding your role in life doing what you are best suited to be doing. Teaching, being a good housewife. Going into the military, opening a flower shop, or exploring Alaska and climbing mountains are just as beneficial as being a church worker or college professor. It is all about understanding and feeling your boundaries and staying within them to find your unlimited frontiers to conquer within. Being a big contributor to those who desperately need you is far more significant in eternity to being a big financial or social success in a church, business, or political cause. You are God’s gift to some persons or settings that He has tailor made you to fulfill, and you can only do that best by understanding your personal boundaries and the fullness of yourself within those boundaries. Inside your personal boundaries lies a completely unlimited world where you can do much good bringing joy to those who need you. You are God to them. Do not let them down.

Talking about God may not be worship of God, learning about the Bible may not be worship of God. Being our best highest character selves is always glorifying and worship of God.

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